Deepika Reacts To After Seeing Her Husband Ranveer’s Nude Photoshoot

Deepika Reacts To After Seeing Her Husband: Actor Ranveer Singh has done a daring cover shoot for ‘Paper’ magazine. Pictures of the actor’s nude photoshoot have been going viral on social media since Thursday night. Multiple memes have also spread around those pictures.

Deepika Reacts To After Seeing Her Husband

What is the comment of actress Deepika Padukone after seeing her husband’s nude photo shoot? How did you plan this photoshoot, what was Deepika’s reaction after seeing the picture? Ranveer’s close sources also found that.

Deepika Reacts To After Seeing Her Husband

According to a report in India Today, a source close to Ranveer said, ‘This shoot was planned well in advance and Ranveer is very open about his vision. He was really keen to do this and wanted to prove himself. He also experimented with his fashion. So, it’s no surprise to be bowled out by these nude pictures. He is completely comfortable with this, so this is also nothing new for him.’

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What is the reaction of wife Deepika Padukone? The source added, ‘He was giddy at the sight. In fact, he was eyeing this entire shoot from the beginning and loved the concept. He looked at the pictures before he got on the internet. Deepika has always supported Ranveer and is the actor’s biggest champion. So when it comes to doing something completely different, he doesn’t hold back.’

This is not the first time, Ranveer has shown his rear in a photoshoot once before. In 2016, he was seen bravely in front of the camera in a scene from the film ‘Befikre’.

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