Death toll exceeds 8,000, four Indian dogs rescue in Turkey

Istanbul: Are the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria going to become one of the worst disasters of the last hundred years? At least that’s what the experts fear The death toll in the two countries has already exceeded 8,000 In the meantime, four Indian Sarmeya came down with difficulty Atul Karwal, head of the Indian rescue team, said the specially trained dogs were four Labradors. They have experience in recovering dead bodies before.

In the meantime, an earthquake expert named Ovgan Ahmet Erkan told the international press “Economist” that there is still a possibility of 1 lakh 80 thousand people being buried. Most of whom have a slim chance of survival As a result, it is easy to imagine where the number of casualties can reach

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Due to the earthquake, the death toll in Turkey alone has reached nearly 6,000 The number of injured in the European country is 32 thousand In the rain, in the bitter cold Rescue work Not possible at the expected speed On the other hand, the number of dead in Syria is 1932

There is still a lot of rescue work to be done in Turkey Pictures of corpses lying on the road with manure were also seen Because the emphasis is on finding survivors in the rubble rather than removing bodies. Rescue teams from different countries have arrived in Turkey War-torn Syria is worse than that Despite reports of rescue operations in government-held areas, rebel-held Syria is virtually cut off from earthquake-ravaged areas. As a result, there is no clear idea about the number of dead, injured, how many people are still missing, the rescue work or how it is going on.

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