Death around, moaning! Indian army soldiers got great news on reaching Turkey

Istanbul: Country first or family? Such a turning point in the life of an army has come many times in the script of Bollywood movies It has been seen that the hero of the silver screen is choosing the country before the family

But it is real life heroes who inspire the characters of silver screen heroes Some put aside family responsibilities to face the enemy on the border, some travel thousands of kilometers away to earthquake-ravaged Turkey. As happened to the residents of Uttar Pradesh Indian Army With Habildar Rahul Chowdhury

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The wife of Rahul Chowdhury, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, was pregnant When the day of the child’s birth is just around the corner, that’s when in turkey Rahul is instructed to join the rescue team His passport was also prepared

Rahul told India Today, ‘I myself spoke to the senior officer after receiving orders to go to Turkey. He told me to talk to his wife and get her opinion When I asked my wife what to do, she told me to come with my colleagues My wife said, duty to the country should always be given priority I immediately packed my luggage and left.’

While boarding the flight to Turkey, Rahul learned that his wife had been taken to the hospital And upon reaching Turkey, he got news that his wife gave birth to a son Naturally, standing on foreign soil, Rahul’s Anand Dam was not accepted Rahul’s colleagues at the makeshift army hospital in Turkey suggested naming his newborn son Turki Chaudhary

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But Rahul is not the only one, Kamlesh Kumar Chauhan, a sepoy of the Indian Army who is a resident of Uttar Pradesh who went to Turkey for rescue work, also got the good news of becoming a father after reaching Turkey.

The death toll in Turkey and Syria has so far exceeded 34,000 in the terrible earthquake The death toll is expected to rise further Several countries, including India, have sent rescue teams to Turkey and Syria India has named this rescue operation in Turkey as ‘Operation Dost’

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