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People’s interest in gemstones is eternal. Many gems in history have become famous for their shape and beauty. However, some gems have gained notoriety by being the unfortunate companions of their owners. Consciously or unconsciously, many people have taken these gems as the cause of misfortune. As a result, cursed stone badges are attached to their foreheads. Our story is about such stones. One of them is La Peregrina.

La Peregrina is probably the most famous pearl in the world. In Spanish, it means many wandering pearls (Wanderer or the Pilgrim). Weighing in at over 55 carats, La Peregrina is especially famous for its perfect symmetry of shape.

Cursed Gemstone

Source Of La Peregrine Stone

The source of La Peregrina is identified as Santa Margarita, a small island in the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama. In the sixteenth century, the region was under Spanish rule. Well known for pearls in the Gulf of Panama. Legend has it that in 1513, one of the slaves landed at sea and accidentally found La Peregrina.

La Peregrine

When the slave handed the stone to their masters, they were fascinated by the beauty of La Peregrine. The slave was set free as a reward for finding such an extraordinary gem. In another story, when La Peregrina was sent as a gift to the then administrator of the Spanish colony in Panama, Don Pedro de Temez, he gladly ordered the release of the slave.

In any case, we know that La Peregrina was deposited in the treasury of Temez. But Temez did not leave this pearl for himself. He presented La Peregrina as a gift to Philip II, Prince of Spain and future King. Then came Queen Mary I of England.


Mary, the son of King Henry VIII of Tudor, and his first wife, the Spanish Princess Catherine of Aragon. Mary was on the British throne from 1553-56 after her father’s death. Catholic Mary had a sword against Protestants. So when he came to power, he started torturing them. During his time about three hundred Protestants were burned to death at the behest of the queen. As a result, Mary’s name became Bloody Mary.

Mary’s attraction to Philip II, a handsome Catholic from Spain, was irresistible. Although Philip, who was about ten years old, did not like Mary very much. However, their marriage was arranged because it was politically profitable. Philip sent La Peregrina a gift to his future bride.

La Peregrina used to wear Mary by adding a rate. In several pictures, La Peregrina is seen adorning her neck. But the story of Mukta’s misfortune starts from here. Philip and Mary’s family was chaotic. Philip had no love for Mary. The Spanish prince fell in love with other beautiful women in Spain and England. Mary, on the other hand, was madly attracted to Philip. At one point she claimed to be pregnant. When Spain was drunk at the birth of the future heir to the throne, it was discovered that Mary had not actually conceived.

La Peregrine

Mary’s illness has been on the rise since La Peregrina Pearl received the gift. The queen gradually became weak and died in May 1556 at the age of 42. At that time there was an influenza epidemic in England.

Philip’s Death

After Mary’s death, La Peregrina moved in with Philip. Although Mary’s misfortune was due to her family problems, La Peregrina’s name became associated with the Queen’s notoriety. Many pointed fingers at La Peregrine when Philip died in agony for about 52 days. It was for this cursed pearl that such a terrible death happened to the king of Spain.

The Next Journey

After Philip, La Peregrina became a jewel in the Spanish crown (Spanish Crown Jewels). Margaret La Peregrina, Queen of Spain, wore it to the Treaty of Peace between Spain and England in 1805. La Peregrine was later owned by Queen Isabel, wife of Philip IV. It is said that both of them were engaged in extramarital affairs. Isabelle had a relationship with a poet named Peralta. He was assassinated in a plot by Philippe and his prime minister, Oliver.

When Isabel died in 1844, Philip took his 14-year-old niece, Mariana of Austria, as his second wife. As a result, Mariana became the owner of La Peregrina. Only two of her five children are able to reach puberty. After Mariana’s death on May 16, 1897, La Peregrina went into hiding for more than 100 years.

La Peregrine


1806 The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Spain. This mighty general easily defeated the Spaniards. He installed his brother Joseph on the throne of Spain. After ruling for five years, Arthur Wellesley aka the Duke of Wellington expelled the French from Spain in 1813. At the time of Joseph’s escape, he brought with him valuable royal jewelry, which was found in La Peregrina. It is said that the pearl was originally called La Peregrina or Traveler from that time onwards, as it toured Spain, England, and France via Panama.

After the final fall of Napoleon in 1815, Joseph immigrated to the United States. La Peregrina was inevitable with him. After his death in Florence in 1844, the pearl was transferred to his nephew, Charles Louis Bonaparte. In 1752, Napoleon III came to power. But like his predecessor, La Peregrina did not leave him! During the French defeat at Prussia, he was forced to surrender to the enemy on the battlefield. He spent his last days in exile in England.

Napoleon, struggling financially, sold La Peregrina in 183 to Lord James Hamilton, the first Duke of Abercrombie. This pearl remained in his family for about 100 years. There was no immediate news of this family’s misfortune. La Peregrina was auctioned off in 1989.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was in Hollywood at the time. News of her love and marriage to Richard Burton on the front page of the magazine. Burton bought La Peregrina for Taylor for 36,000. He handed it over to his wife as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Taylor and Burton’s family was short-lived and turbulent. La Peregrina’s notoriety is also blamed for this. La Peregrina was sold at another auction in December 2011 after Taylor’s death. The price was set at 2-3 million, but in the end, it was ৮ 11.6 million. Its new owner has kept his identity secret. However, he is known to be from any country in Asia.

About 12 people have owned La Peregrine since the search. These include the King of Spain, the French Emperor, the British aristocracy, and even Hollywood stars. Although not all of them, many of them have been the victims of tragic consequences. They have had to accept many misfortunes in life. Although many things can be attributed to this, many people still believe that La Peregrine is also responsible. As a result, La Peregrina is on the list, though not as well known as the other cursed gemstones.

Cursed Gemstone La Peregrine


Q. Who is the famous pearl?

A. La Peregrina was a gift for Elizabeth Taylor.

Q. How much is La Peregrina worth?

A. Christie’s estimated the value of La Peregrina to be between $2 million and $3 million.

Q. Where find the La Peregrina Stone?

A. Pearl Islands

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