Cow-Trafficking Accused Are Also Promising Jobs These Days: Vikas Ranjan

Cow-Trafficking Accused: Abhishek Banerjee to give a job? If the jobs of those who have been appointed illegally for money are not dismissed, how will they give jobs to those on the merit list? CPM MP Vikas Ranjan Bhattacharya raised questions about Trinamool leader Abhishek Banerjee’s meeting with job seekers on Friday afternoon.

Cow-Trafficking Accused Are Also Promising Jobs These Days

On Friday evening, Vikas Babu told Hindustan Times Bangla, ‘Who is he to give a job? How will he give a job? If you want to give jobs, those who were appointed illegally should be dismissed.’

Cow-Trafficking Accused Are Also Promising Jobs These Days

Vikasbabu fears, ‘Trinamool is trying to break the agitators again like before. They are trying to destroy the whole movement by giving jobs to a few people. But they have not succeeded in this attempt before, they will not succeed this time either.’ His addition, ‘What is the value of the words of a man accused of smuggling cows and coal?’

He also said, ‘If the agitators are given jobs avoiding the court, then it will be proved again that the same corruption happened before. Before this, they scared Maidul and forced him into their group. Saifullah has been called this time.’

After the meeting at Abhishek’s office on Camac Street on Friday afternoon, the agitating job seeker Saidulla said, Abhishek Banerjee, said that he will try 100 percent to hire us. There will be a meeting with the Education Minister on August 8. The rest will be discussed there.

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