Corona past! Now this Japanese flu is spreading panic, infected thousands

Tokyo: Although the infection has decreased, the corona virus has not been completely eradicated from the world. However, the economy that has been hit by the corona virus has started to recover again. Every country hit by Corona is trying to turn around. But in the meantime, bad news has started coming from Japan. There is a high rate of infection.

But this infection is not for covid. This infection is caused by a Japanese flu. The number of flu cases has increased so much that it has reached the level of pandemic alert. The country’s health ministry said on Saturday that the number of patients infected with the flu across Japan had reached the epidemic alert level in the country as of January 29.

Data released by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases says that the average number of patients per medical facility across the country is 10.36. The alert level benchmark in Japan is 10. As a result, it is also exceeded. More than 51,000 have been infected in a week. More than 5,000 medical facilities in Japan have reported a total of more than 51,000 influenza cases in the past seven days.

According to the data, Okinawa, Japan reported the highest number of cases at 41.23. followed by 25.38 in Fukui, 24.34 in Osaka and 21.70 in Fukuoka.

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The flu also hit Japan in 2021 and 2022. But then the residents were cautious as the corona rules were very strict. As a result, the effect of this flu was not much. But now that warning is gone. As a result, experts fear that the impact of the flu is increasing.

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