Cook naked! A woman spills her husband’s secret on Valentine’s Day

Hitchin: A housewife living in England is going to make a surprise on Valentine’s Day. He is very popular for sharing provocative pictures on social media. This time he became practically famous after sharing his plans for Valentine’s Day. The woman’s name is Carla Bellucci. He is a resident of Hitchin area of ​​England.

Recently Karla said that this Valentine’s Day will be celebrated in a special way. Cook and feed food for husband without clothes all day at home. Not only that, he will also throw out the four children from the house. So that the couple does not face any problem in celebrating Valentines in a romantic mood. The Daily Star reports that Carla has encouraged other women to do the same.

He also said, I will keep my room empty for the whole afternoon and evening. So that I can spend private moments with my husband. This will not be possible if there are children in the house. That’s why I will throw them out of the house. I will cook naked for my husband. Other women should do the same. There is nothing wrong with that.

According to Carla, when husbands can buy us flowers, chocolates and champagne, what can’t we do to make our husbands happy? I think that’s when we stop paying attention to our relationships. Then the husbands started moving to other places. In this situation we should try to improve ourselves.

Apart from this, the happiness of husbands should also be taken care of. For a good relationship one should try to do good everyday. According to Carla, physical contact is the best way to strengthen any relationship. I get annoyed when people say sex isn’t everything. Carla advised her 18-year-old daughter, Tanisha, to earn money through adult sites. Even the lady was connected to adult sites till 1 year ago.

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This is not Karla’s first marriage. He was married before. But that relationship did not last long. He has taken a special initiative on Valentine’s Day to strengthen this relationship.

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