Children can not enter this restaurant! What is the reason behind the strange announcement?

Innocent children like small flowers. What happened to that? Screaming all the time as if giving his head. This time, an Italian restaurant took strict action against them. No child under ten years will be allowed to enter there from next March. Children are usually not allowed in when parents go to see adult movies. But the reason is different. This time this restaurant also issued the same rule. The reason behind is their unbearable mischief and rudeness.

Tinton Falls restaurant Netti’s House of Spaghetti made the announcement on social media on Friday. They will no longer ‘serve’ children under 10 years of age from March 8. In the Facebook post, the restaurant wrote, ‘We love children, we really do! But it is becoming very difficult to handle them in the restaurant.’ On behalf of the restaurant, it is said that this decision was taken after seeing their shouting, cleaning the restaurant. If they are not cleaned, they have to be cleaned again by the restaurant staff with more khatni. So they have decided to get one-time exemption from the responsibility of taking care of small children. The restaurant authorities refused to take this decision lightly. It is said on their behalf, “I am forced to take such a tough decision after seeing several incidents recently.”

It was also informed that they are starting the service again after the winter break on March 8. Then no child below 10 years of age will be allowed inside the restaurant. Keeping in mind the customers of the restaurant, they wrote some more words in the Facebook post. It is said ‘I can understand, some of you are upset with our decision. Especially those whose children do not misbehave, become better. But we are taking this decision to move our business forward.’ At the end of the post, the restaurant authorities wrote ‘Thank you for understanding our decision’.

In response to a netizen’s comment, the restaurant said very harshly that it is becoming a burden for us to handle them. Naughty children started running around in the restaurant. Serving food and doing other work is very difficult for them. Many have expressed support for such a decision. Another netizen wrote ‘Absolutely right decision. I have been working in restaurant management since 2014. When kids come along, it becomes very difficult to handle them. Their parents don’t say anything either.’

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