Chances Of BJP In Bengal: Modi Is Responsible For The Current Situation Of BJP In Bengal

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Chances Of BJP In Bengal

“Narendra Modi has definitely understood one thing this month. It is not possible to become one with the spirit and culture of Bengal just by reciting any song or poem of Rabindranath with a huge accent. Pressing something extra from the outside only creates a temporary illusion. But if the pressure is removed, the result is fatal. That is what is called ‘withdrawal syndrome’.

Chances Of BJP In Bengal

BJP Situation In West Bengal

BJP For Bengal: The BJP is now in that phase. As soon as the Vetbank of the division lost its confidence and moved away, the building was collapsing fast. The chemistry of this weight loss is ten years old.

The CPM and its allies did not notice. And today Bengal BJP is practically broken. Like a strange fragment! As the storm came, it was time to leave. Maedi-Shah’s duet and a sack full of money did not work. Whatever the critics say, one thing is established in the politics of Bengal today, far above the grassroots.

As long as Mamata is there, out of reach. Beside him, the second and third forces are standing far away and pushing their minds. They do not have the right position even through binoculars. The second and third boys of the class are constantly busy changing places among themselves. It goes without saying that there is almost no possibility of this happening till the next 24th Lok Sabha meeting.

Modi Is Responsible For BJP In Bengal

In fact, the backbone of the people of Bengal has been swayed by the wisdom of the BJP’s Delhi boss seven-eight months ago. That is why they did not agree to spend more on Hawaiian oil in the Kolkata elections. Coming and going is almost off. Needless to say, the gap between the remaining parties will increase with the number one in the rest of the municipalities.

The BJP is even breaking up in different districts of North Bengal. Seeing the sudden ebb in public support, even the legislators are hesitant. The only lesson from this tragic outcome is that money and muscle power do not increase support in the weight box. I want a face if I want to win.

A transparent and honest leader. I can say by borrowing the language of Tathagata Babu, in Kamini Kanchan’s Majeni, such a face is less common in Gerua camp! In fact, this fact seems to be becoming more and more evident in the results of the Calcutta Municipality Vote. The moral defeat of the BJP and Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the fate of the party that has ruled India for seven or eight years. The main cause of this catastrophe is the injection of rats into tigers.

The party which was dreaming of winning 200 seats in Bengal by bringing down innumerable foreign leaders, traitors, and only the central forces, is struggling to get a small ten percent VAT in the heart of the city. Second leftists got 12 percent. What is the explanation for this fruit? The CPM, which has been suffering from anemia for more than a decade, is also lagging behind because it could lead to grassroots terrorism. No … In most of the booths, why couldn’t the Gerua team pay the agent? Where is the fault?

In fact, the chemistry of this strange retreat is still beyond the reach of Delhi’s leaders. It is not possible to swear that only if expensive snow-powder and new clothes are brought to the market, then one will become a leader with the support of the people.

BJP In West Bengal: The same realization in the Ganges journey of Gerua Bragging. Now the central leaders once stood in front of the mirror without sacrificing Dilip and Sukant in Delhi. Then milk will become milk, water will become water. In this way, the organization did not buy the traitor by forcing the leader from outside, the Sangh family did not know it!

Current Situation Of BJP In Bengal

In the last assembly elections, Modi campaigned in Calcutta up to five times a week. The day he could not come, the earth shook Bengal. Home Minister Amit Shah. Even then 131-132 out of 144 wards of Kolkata were occupied by Trinamool. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections. Then except for seven-eight months when the BJP is in the districts. With the organization’s plaster falling off and the skeletal appearance coming to the fore, the party is not even campaigning, is it very unusual for the number of wards in Kolkata to increase by just two?

Who is going to frown after winning 134 seats in Municipality Vote? And the gap of Vote? I live in the Kashipur Belgachhia area where the CPI (M) ‘s Kanai Ganguly used to win the ward election by 25,000 votes. It was customary to remove the agents from the booth in the morning. Those horrible memories are still erased today. And the BJP? Tripura serial terror jump or open!

The reverse current of the defectors standing in the quicksand started from the afternoon of last 2nd May. That series of dream-breaking events are still going on today. Those who one day took refuge in Geruya’s house pretending to be suffocating, are the ones who are desperate to return to the old place. Narendra Maedi tested many Bengalis, non-Bengalis, and foreigners.

But no one could find the level of emotion and perception of the people of Bengal. It has been proved time and time again that Dilip, Sukantra, and Jai Hayek are not even equal to the third-tier leaders of the Trinamool in this state. It is not possible to run a team from Raj Bhavan. Now the seven murders will be forgiven if the leaders of Bengal are threatened by calling them in Delhi. Although there is nothing anywhere, the false dream of building a house in quicksand has been shown by the leaders who did not consider back and forth in the opinion of Maedi-Amit Shah.

They thought that Bengal would be occupied only with money and agency. That is why the Gerua leaders had booked a small one-star hotel in the district from the five-star hotel in Kolkata. But they could not fathom the depth of Mamata Banerjee’s popularity and grassroots acceptance. There was nothing wrong with buying two or four leaders and destroying them and his party.

BJP In West Bengal

The mistake was made there The BJP did not understand that the occupation of Bengal and the occupation of Assam-Tripura were not the same thing It is not possible to fly Vijay Ketan just by breaking up the team and applying various cosmetics to cover the weakness. Therefore, in most parts of Bengal, the number of cadres working on the streets of the Left is still higher than that of the BJP. Didn’t Maedi-Amit Shah know that if he did wrong politics in the intoxication of seizing power, it would be his inevitable consequence?

It is only natural that the result should be that of relying on some aspiring unsatisfied soul. Bengal is not the BJP, its entire responsibility rests with Narendra Maedi and Amit Shah. In conclusion, why would people trust Narendra Maedi? The price of things is skyrocketing. No work. The economy is in the dark. The country is always watching the underwater journey of democracy in the parliament. 11 important bills were passed without any discussion even before the blink of an eye.

The government did not give the slightest dignity to the opposition in the just-concluded winter session. On the contrary, 12 opposition MPs were suspended. The Prime Minister was present in the Parliament only on the first and last day of the session even though the party MPs were asked to come. Even for a very short time. He was not seen in the Rajya Sabha when the session ended with ‘Bande Mataram’. Opponents are condemned, but they don’t care! Maedi’s mind is now on Uttar Pradesh. In Uttarakhand. He was looking for a consolation prize for the failure of Bengal. That is why the Gaeta team has jumped into Uttar Pradesh.

In Uttar Pradesh’s victory remains elusive despite the ‘Mandir Ohi Banayenge’ sentiment, then the countdown to Maedi’s loss of Delhi’s seat will begin from now on. It is that terribly aggressive party that slammed when it spoke of defending democracy in Bengal. No one knows better than the people of West Bengal how much the CPM or the BJP respects democracy when it comes to power.

Modi Is Responsible For BJP In Bengal

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