Eating ice cream in the summer? Not doing great damage to the body! Listen like a doctor

Kaliaganj:Almost everyone eats ice cream to get some relief from the intense heat of summer. After coming from the heat or going out in the hot sun, this ice cream is more or less everyone’s favorite. However, no matter how much you love to eat this ice cream, this ice cream is not at all … Read more

Add these 5 fruits to your diet, don’t get stoned; Various kidney problems will also be prevented

Not only that, the contribution of kidneys to other important functions of the body is undeniable. One of these is the production of some necessary hormones. But if kidney care is not taken properly, then all these important functions will be disturbed. In fact, it can be due to wrong eating habits or diet. Starting … Read more

Terrible…! Why is this deadly ‘dangerous’ dog going to be ‘Banned’? Hear him

Dog Banned: In 2021, several cases of American bully dog ​​attacks were recorded in Britain. This breed of dog is said to be very aggressive. In 2021, there were 9 cases of fatal dog attacks on humans, including 3 children. Not only that, American bullies are thought to be responsible for half of dog-related deaths … Read more

Baby care in the summer! Some food should be kept, said the doctor

It’s getting hot. The hilly areas are not spared from the heat wave. The Meteorological Department had earlier predicted the temperature in West Bengal’s Darjeeling to be higher than normal. The situation is almost the same in Uttarakhand. The number of patients is increasing at Soban Singh Jinnah Base Hospital in Haldwani town there. Every … Read more

Teeth are turning yellow! Take care to restore white color with Ayurvedic methods

Bengali proverb says, no one understands the meaning of teeth when they have teeth! Teeth are actually one of the most important parts of any animal’s body. But its importance to people is a little more. Human teeth are very important for eating properly as well as smiling and speaking. People are not less scrutinized … Read more