Mount Kilimanjaro In Africa: Best Traditional Volcanic Mountains Facts, Height, More

Mount Kilimanjaro In Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro In Africa | Mount Kilimanjaro On Africa Map | Mount Kilimanjaro Weather | Kilimanjaro Mountain | Mount Kilimanjaro Trek | Mount Kilimanjaro In Africa Let’s start with the story of a cricket match. Once a team of international cricketers decided they would play a match of 20 overs. At first, they were divided … Read more

Andes Mountains Facts: An Amazing Wonder Of Nature, Climate, Mineral Resources, Plants, Animals And More

Andes Mountains facts

Andes Mountains Facts | Where Andes Mountains Located | Andes Mountains Climate | Andes Mountains Animals | Andes Mountains Continent | Andes Mountains Facts The western border of South America. The Andes Mountains are a natural shield along the entire border. Due to its coastal location in the Pacific Ocean and the geographical location of … Read more

Xian Mosque: The Oldest Mosque In China Built-In Best Islamic-Chinese Architectural Style

Xian Mosque

Xian Mosque Architecture | Xian Mosque | Xian Mosque History | Xian Mosque China | xian mosque history Xian Mosque China: The city of Xian in China’s Shanxi Province is home to 20,000 Muslims. The Muslim-dominated area of ​​the city is known as the Xian Muslim Quarter. The area is famous throughout China for its … Read more

Karachay Lake: Death In An Hour Is Inevitable

Karachay Lake

Karachay Lake | Lake Karachay Pollution | Lake Karachay Before And After | Lake Karachay | Karachay Lake: The view of the lake is really wonderful. The areas around the lake are also very picturesque. If you go there for a family vacation, the cost will be very low. But there is a small problem. … Read more

Oman The Hidden Pearl Of Mysterious Arabia


Oman | Hidden Pearl Of Mysterious Arabia | Oman The Hidden Pearl | Mysterious Arabia | Oman is a small country in the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is separated from other parts of the Arabian Peninsula by sea, mountains, and deserts. However, this isolation seems to have taken Oman several times … Read more