By 2033 Mars Soil Will Come To Earth: NASA Has Completed This Phase Of Work

2033 Mars soil will come to Earth: The rover is collecting Martian soil. NASA is going to bring him back to earth with all the samples very soon. Under the leadership of NASA’s scientific team, the work of testing and refining the structure of the collected samples is going on in a scientific manner. Perseverance Rover is currently doing this work in the Red Planet’s Jezero Crater.

2033 Mars Soil Will Come To Earth

The US space agency NASA has set a deadline for bringing samples from Mars to Earth. NASA says it will bring Mars samples back to Earth by 2033. NASA has also completed surveys needed for its Mars sample return program. It is known that for now, the work of the ‘Conceptual Design Phase’ (Conceptual Design Phase) is going on. That is, the rover to return to Mars will come, it is his plan.

By 2033 Mars Soil Will Come To Earth: NASA Has Completed This Phase Of Work

The European Space Agency (ESA) has already joined the mission. They are expected to contribute to reducing the complexity of operations and increasing the chances of success in the future.

Thomas Zurbuchen, the Associate Administrator at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said, ‘In the conceptual design phase, every aspect of a mission plan is scrutinized in depth. Some important and positive changes are taking place in the plan, resulting in the recent success of the Perseverance rover at Jezero. It can also be said that the amazing performance of the Mars helicopter also happened because of this.

A recent study looked at how long the Perseverance rover’s mission could last on this advanced mission. Initially, the Perseverance will be used to bring samples from Mars to Earth. But Perseverance will deliver it to the Mars Ascent Vehicle and the Sample Retrieval Lander of ESA’s Sample Transfer Arm.

No more vehicles or associated landers will be used in Mars sample return missions. Two sample retrieval helicopters will however be retained to fetch samples. They are developed with the help of Ingenuity Helicopter technology.

Ingenuity is a small robotic co-axial rotor helicopter that operates on Mars as part of NASA. This helicopter has flown to Mars 29 times so far. Above all, it has been working for more than a year after the expected period. Although these helicopters will indirectly help collect samples from the Martian surface.

Over the next few years, Mars missions will return to Earth with ESA’s orbit and NASA’s capture, containment, and return systems. It is expected to launch into ESA’s return-to-Earth orbiter in 2027. Meanwhile, NASA’s sample-retrieving lander is scheduled to return in mid-2028. According to NASA’s calculations, everything will return to Earth by 2033.

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