Budget Of India 2022 – Value Less Budget, People Receipts In The Budget Are Zero

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Budget Of India 2022

Budget Of India 2022: No bold reforms were seen. Not giving the people a solution of relief. The five states facing Voot also did not get any expected gift. The Modi government was stuck in Parliament only on Tuesday. An unplanned and directionless budget gave a lot of deprivation to people from all walks of life. Livelihood Crisis and Price Rise The hope was that the government would be on its side in the fight against recession, unemployment, and financial crisis. The budget will come in handy.

Budget Of India 2022

Assurance of some help. But Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman poured water on that hope. The general public was extremely disappointed with the budget of the Modi government. Only empty promises. How’s that promise? 60 lakh employment. When? How? The answer is no in the budget. As a result, the countrymen remembered another promise of 2014, 2 crore jobs a year! Today’s announcement is that 80 Lakh houses will be in the Prime Minister’s Housing Project. But it has been said for the last five years, the dream of housing for all will be fulfilled in 2022!

There was no change in personal income tax. The finance minister has taken cautious steps even though it has been allocated to the infrastructure sector. Special importance has been given only to road construction. It has been said that there will be a 25 thousand km new expressway.

Budget Of India 2022

The budget has remained silent on the MSP law, a long-standing demand of farmers. It has just been said that 2 lakh 37 thousand crore rupees are being allocated for MSP. In other words, middle-class employees, small and medium businessmen, dedicated income taxpayers, or crores of job seekers have nothing to do with their fate. Even at the time of Corona, the budget allocation was reduced to 100 days for the project which had provided bread to rural India.

india 2022 budget summary

In the last financial year, in the revised budget, 98,000 crores were allocated for this sector. This time it has been 73 thousand crores. The Ministry of Finance of the Modi government has given good news only for the corporates by nullifying the receipt of Common people. In case of setting up of industry for one more year, huge tax exemption will be given.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget in Parliament on this day and excluded the common man. This is because, behind the government’s record GST collection and various revenue collections, the main artisans pay the taxes to them. However, he thanked her and did not respond to the budget speech. On the contrary, subsidies for fertilizers, food, and cooking gas for the poor have come down.

Budget Of India 2022

The most frequently spoken word in this year’s budget is digital. Whether it’s banking hacking or education, financial transactions or business, the triumph of the digital age across one and a half hour budget speeches. A Digital bank is being created. Introducing digital currency, digital university, digital classroom TV channels, e-passport with an embedded chip, and even Five-G technology. Not only that, 30 percent tax and 1 percent TDS have been levied on the income from the sale or acquisition of all digital assets except digital currency of the Reserve Bank.

2022 india budget highlights

This time the budget allocation has exceeded Tk 39 lakh crore. Compared to the last financial year (revised) only 2 lakh crore more. Out of this allocation, Rs 1 lakh crore will be given to the states as a construction loan for infrastructure. 9.2 percent GDP growth is also expected. But new projects, new policies, new goals, new plans were not mentioned in the budget speech.

After almost two years, the Finance Minister has come up with a completely opposite proposal to the aggressive and well-thought-out plan that was expected in the normal economy-oriented budget. The country was facing, the economy will get out of the shadow of Corona and the livelihood of the budget booster day. But it turned out that the vaccine of the well-planned Modi government to turn around!

2022 Budget India: Feedback From Dignitaries

Mamata Banerjee Said
People are devastated by unemployment and rising prices. But there is nothing in this budget for them. The government is just talking big. Everything is hollow. Pegasus spin budget.

This budget will open new opportunities for the common man. Besides, the economy will also be strong. This is a people-oriented and progressive budget.
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

This budget of the Maedi government is encouraging. This will radically change the Indian economy.
Amit Shah, Union Home Minister

Modi government’s empty budget. Nothing for salaried employees, middle class, poor, backward class, youth, farmers, MSMEs.
Rahul Gandhi, Former Congress President

Nirmala has mastered the language of the richest people. He has a master’s degree in the bad aspects of the capitalist economy. The budget does not mention the revival of MSMEs, indirect tax cuts, or financial assistance to the poor.
P Chidambaram, Former Finance Minister

The budget has tried to win the hearts and minds of the people by announcing some new promises. Past declarations and promises have been forgotten. How reasonable is that? Why is the Center not concerned about poverty, unemployment, inflation, and farmers’ suicides?
Mayawati, supremo of Bahujan Samaj Party

In the current situation, people had high expectations from the government about the budget. The budget has disappointed people. Ordinary people have no benefit from this budget There is no announcement about the reduction of inflation.
Arvind Kejriwal, the supreme leader of the Aam Aadmi Party

Diamond is now a real friend of the government. Farmers, middle class, people who eat day by day, no worries about the unemployed. They are not on the list of PM Cares.
Derek O’Brien, grassroots spokesman

It is a budget for information and communication technology with the future in mind. I hope you will see these in the light of day. There will be no virtual reality.
Supriya Sule, NCP MP

Budget for whom? For those 10 percent rich people who own 75 percent of the country’s wealth. Why not impose more taxes on those who made huge profits during the epidemic?
Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary, CPM

Hon’ble Finance Minister! Are you still talking about overall development?

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