Britain’s Confidence Vote: Boris Resigned But His Government Survived The Vote Of Confidence, Why?

Britain’s Confidence Vote: Britain’s politics is frozen. The rivalry between the Labor Party and the Conservative Party has intensified.

Britain’s Confidence Vote

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government survives a self-imposed confidence vote. Meanwhile, former finance minister Rishi Sunak, who is considered to be the British Prime Minister of the future, has retained the top spot in the third round of Conservative Party MPs (MP) polls for Boris’ successor.

Britain’s Government Wins Confidence

Members of the ruling Conservative Party voted in favor of the ministers in the confidence vote held on Monday to avoid a national election. The government survived by a vote of 349-238. The opposition Labor Party, however, has called for Boris to be removed by appointing an immediate interim leader. Meanwhile, Boris has already announced his departure. The Conservative Party is going to elect its successor in early September.

The Labor Party wanted a vote of no confidence against both the government and Boris to quickly remove Boris. But the government says it is unnecessary. Because the Prime Minister has already announced his departure. Instead, members of the Conservative Party proposed a confidence vote against the government only.

Indian-born Rishi Sunak has gone further in the race to succeed Boris. He widened the gap in the third round of voting for Conservative MPs on Monday. Sunak got 115 votes in this round. He got 101 votes in the second round.

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