Bread remedies: Can’t recover from financial crisis? This remedy with stale bread can give great results

According to Indian astrology, any person’s life cycle is influenced by the planets from birth to death. Happiness, sadness, money expenditure, job, business, education, lack of education, house, car, marriage, love, accidents, accidents are under the influence of all the planets of life. If the planets are strong and exalted, auspicious results are obtained. If the planet is low and weak, inauspicious results are obtained. Astrology mentions many methods that can be used to pacify and strengthen the planets. Based on Vedic beliefs, there are also some popular remedies related to bread. As per Astrology, Ruti system is given to remove all planetary doshas related to Rasi. Let’s find out what those solutions are.

Remedies for stale bread

If Saturn’s dhaiya or half-sati is running in the horoscope of any O Jataka, then on Amavasya or any O Saturday the cow should be fed two stale breads and milk. Doing this remedy four times a month will reduce the effects of Saturn. Financial difficulties will begin to disappear.

If a person has Shani Dosha in his Kundali, he should feed a black dog with mustard oil in a loaf of bread every day. This remedy maintains happiness and peace in the house. Financial problems will disappear.

If you don’t have any work done. If your work has been stuck for a long time, start feeding the birds five small pieces of stale bread a day. This will pacify the nine planets and bring success. Doing this remedy will also bring economic benefits.

Take a loaf for the cow while cooking. Feeding this bread to cows will bring prosperity to the house.

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