Black Fever In 11 Districts Of The State In Corona, What Is The Health Department Saying!

Black Fever In 11 Districts: Over the last few weeks, 65 people have been reported to be infected with black fever in at least 11 districts of West Bengal. When the graph of the corona is upward, new concern about black fever has started spreading in Bengal. However, the officials of the health department have informed us that there is nothing to panic about it.

The State In Corona

Black Fever In 11 Districts

State Director of Health Services Siddharth Nyoggi said Black Fever had left the state. The central government had set a target that no block should have more than 1 black fever patient in the 10,000 population. We have had considerable success with it in West Bengal. There is no black fever outbreak anywhere. There is no reason to worry about it.

Black fever is usually spread by sandflies. In India, black fever patients are found in 54 districts of Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand. In West Bengal, this patient is mainly found in Darjeeling, Malda, Dinajpur, and Kalimpong.

An official of the health department said that these patients were found during surveillance to reduce black fever cases. Black fever patients have been found in 11 districts. But patients were seen there before. But it is not at all that black fever has spread, or outbreaks have been seen. It is very hopeful that it has been caught during surveillance. This number will be reduced.

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