Best Weekly Horoscope March 20 To March 26

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Weekly Horoscope March 20 To March 26

Weekly Horoscope March 20

Weekly Astrology Aries: Work will be interrupted For laziness and negligence there are obstacles and disgrace in action. Gradually the pressure of traders will decrease. The downturn in business will subside after Wednesday. Goods or money may be stolen. There is money to be made. The wife may have money. Roughness in child use. Happy time to students and researchers. There will be a kind of marital happiness. Spiritual satisfaction in worship.

Weekly Astrology Taurus: The week is more or less auspicious. Promotion of professionals like doctors, writers, etc. The job seeker may have a new job. Business progress. But don’t invest too much now. The action is conventional. Anger will increase in Purna. Rheumatoid arthritis is a risk factor. There are also six accidents and injuries. The couple will have a good relationship. Especially good in higher education.

Weekly Astrology Gemini: Good week to the students. Test results will be better. There is a lot of disgrace and hopelessness in politicians. Mental instability due to enmity of relatives or neighbors. Health will not be very good. Flatulence and acidity will increase. The marital relationship will be better. Success and reputation in the workplace 7 Business and profession improvement. Financial aspects are good The child may experience emotional instability and poor health.

Weekly Astrology Cancer: Can get a job in a reputed organization at home and abroad. Advances in science. Improvements and success in research.

Weekly Astrology Cancer

There is a risk of losing money by investing. Unexpected improvement of professionals and increase in income. There will be complications between husband and wife. Stress about family relationships 6 Vheganti in the increase of anger in Purna. There is money to be made. Mental satisfaction in religious deeds.

Weekly Astrology Leo: Can get new job responsibilities in the workplace; The pressure of action will increase. Achieving compliments by successfully complicating the task with success in the cold head. The business will continue to grow. Marital and family relations will be maintained. Child development. There will be a financial improvement. Understand the financial exchange of Stomach, eye, and arthritis problems. Good luck. Devakarma will be.

Weekly Astrology Virgo: Significant success in work, the establishment of consensus and influence, improvement in business and profession.

Weekly Astrology Virgo

Earnings will be in matte numbers. Problems in the mouth, teeth, nerves, and stomach. There is no harm in increasing the enemy; Their efforts will fail. You can benefit from this. Success in higher education and research. The marital relationship will not get better. Peace of mind in devotion.

Weekly Astrology Libra: Education week is very favorable; Success in higher education and competitive examinations. Improvements by overcoming obstacles. The pace of business may slow down a bit. Good time professionals. Forgetting oneself can be a missed opportunity. The wife’s health will not improve. He is careful about his health. Lots of money will be received. There will be emotional turmoil and scattered thoughts.

Weekly Astrology Scorpio: Complications at work in your behavior and stupidity. Disagreements may arise with the higher authorities. Business progress and success.

There is a possibility of receiving money. Fear of conflict with relatives can be disrespectful. Emotional tension and instability will increase. The mind will not sit in the worship of God. Bacterial infections. There is a dent in the teeth.

Weekly Astrology Sagittarius: Good deeds. Promotion, promotion, or transfer. The special success of businessmen and professionals exists. Earn lots of money. Relatives can be hostile. Health will be kind of better. Fear of injury. Students’ interest in education will increase. Test success. Marital happiness will be maintained. Spiritual satisfaction in giving money to members and monks.

Weekly Astrology Capricorn: The barrier of action will gradually be cut. Good time in business. The pace of business will increase. The influence will increase in the upper house. Think before you take on new business opportunities. There is a lot of income and prosperity in business. Contribute to social festivities. Increase funding and respect for social work. Coolness in marriage. Advances in science. Proud of the child’s academic success. Increased anger and physical pain in old age.

Weekly Astrology Aquarius: Relatively auspicious time in learning. Fear of enmity in the workplace and marriage at work. Emotional tension and instability will increase. Progress in barriers to business and profession. Financial stability will be maintained. The child’s body may suddenly deteriorate. There will be harmony between husband and wife. Fear of increased anger and bleeding in old age. Beware of fire. Peace of mind in the thought of God.

Weekly Astrology Pisces: The action will continue, there will be no change. Delayed success in business and profession. Thank you very much You can get most of the money back. Heart, stomach, and arthritis problems are risk factors. The couple will have a good relationship. Distress and emotional instability in the behavior of the elder brother. Falling and injuring the body. Gaining spiritual punishment for reading good scriptures and doing good deeds. Travel can be dangerous.

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