Weekly Astrology For 28 November to 4th December 

Weekly Astrology Horoscope

Weekly astrology

Weekly Astrology For Aries: The speed of action will increase and success will come. It is not impossible to get a job in a reputed organization. Transfer can be done with action. Good luck to the students. The possibility of fortune in unexpected opportunities. Good luck with the mixed business. There will be money. Good luck to the farmers and professionals. Marriage talks may begin. Sore throat and arthritis pain. The marital relationship is good.

Weekly Astrology For Taurus: The speed of action can be increased, promoted, or promotion in one’s own intellect and skills. Business success will be remarkable. Making Money in Many Sources. Expenditure on purchase of assets. Good luck to the sellers of literary and agricultural products. Infections can occur in the teeth and stomach. Arthritis can also increase. Marital happiness is increasing. Increased worry about the child. Injuries exist. Good deeds and peace of mind.

Weekly Astrology For Gemini: Special success in the practice of arts and commerce. Even if there is enough progress in the work, the mind will not be full. Get new jobs and good business start-ups. Financial earnings will gradually increase. Real estate is available for purchase. Problems like sugar, uric acid, etc. may increase. Increased happiness in marriage. Investing in the words of others can be dangerous. The restless mind is an obstacle in worship.

Weekly Astrology For Cancer: Complications will be cut. Promotion and success will come. Profits from farmers and fishery businesses and aquatic products will increase the most. Investment plans for new jobs. The danger in partnership. There will be lots of money. It hurts to feel the rude behavior of a loved one. Gain reputation and appreciation for social work and charity. Education, happy marriage. Health will not improve. Falling exists.

Weekly Astrology For Leo: Obstacles to work will actually be cut. Praise from colleagues and superiors for efficiency. Possibility of additional responsibilities and promotions. Good luck to politicians and high-ranking workers. Gradual advancement of those associated with the agro-industry. There will be marital happiness. Can be benefited by a dear friend. Good luck. Body aches due to an increase in stomach and mucous membranes. There will be worship.

Weekly Astrology For Virgo: Dazzling success and promotion. It is not impossible to get a job in a reputed domestic or foreign organization. There may be a shift in action. Increase the career and popularity of actors, artisans, and politicians. Maintain peace in your marriage wisely. Fear of theft. There may be social respect. Good luck. Success in math and science.

Weekly Astrology Horoscope

Weekly Astrology For Libra: Decide on a cold head. Otherwise, you may be embarrassed at home and at work. Fast progress in business and action from Wednesday. Possibility of overcoming the foreign visa crisis. Good luck getting the money. Increased concern for the child. Lack of caution from the opposite sex adds to the stigma. Knowledge and marriage can be hindered. Injury to the body. He may suffer from physical problems.

Weekly Astrology For Scorpio: Significant progress in work and business. Expansion of foreign affairs and establishment of new places. Preparations for starting a new job can be hampered. Rheumatoid arthritis can be caused by pain, infection, or angina. Happiness in love and marriage. Good on construction sellers, defense personnel. Increased hostility in incoherent sentences. The child’s health and travel are bad.

Weekly Astrology For Sagittarius: Financial well-being will gradually increase. Improving work and success. New actions may be interrupted. Special congratulations to the bank and state employees. The recession of the six food traders will gradually subside. Resume the old work. The potential for success of medical researchers. Happiness in marriage. There can be no special honor. Financially happy.

Weekly Astrology For Capricorn: Quick action and business improvement and success from Saturday morning. The recession of coal and small-scale transport workers will gradually subside. Occasionally there is a chance of getting paid. Barriers to love and happiness in marriage. Receiving good results in religious deeds and giving. Conquer the enemy with restraint in the cold head. Increase trade and communication with foreign countries. Health will not improve.

Weekly Astrology For Aquarius: Always distraction and increased emotional tension. May interfere with the action. Slowly There will be speed in development. Earnings will be better. Coworkers may be trying to hinder action. Extreme weakness and physical problems. There are injuries. Maintains happiness in marriage. There will be Increased profits in trade. Increased mobility in the upper class. There will be religious activities.

Weekly Astrology For Pisces: Strong spending, barriers to savings. Success and failure come by working with risk Can Increase the respect of academics, writers, and doctors. Caution is needed as there are lower limb problems and injuries. Embarrassment by lending money to loved ones. Happy marriage. The financial situation is good. Trouble in love. The danger of fire and water. The need to concentrate on learning.

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