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Benefits Of Tulsi Leaves: According to Ayurveda, Basil Tulsi Leaf cures various ailments. Basil works well in the treatment of heart disease and ischemia. Dr. P. has been researching basil for 5 years. Yes, ugly. There are no hard and fast rules for using basil. When you want, you can chew as many raw leaves as you want.

Benefits Of Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi has been recognized as one of the best medicinal herbs in Tulsi. This tree has been given the highest place in Materia Medica.

Benefits Of Tulsi Leaves

Use of Tulsi in Daily life

(1) Chewing two or three tulsi leaves on an empty stomach every morning in the month of Kartik will not cause any anger throughout the year. In the weather of Kartik month, the use of Tulsipata always keeps the body calm.

(2) Basil tree naturally brings serenity and concentration of mind. Sitting or standing near it gives rise to mental concentration.

(3) In the case of a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, if basil leaves are added to food and left in food, the effect of polluted weather will not be felt during the eclipse.

(4) The basil tree is considered to be a symbol of spiritual power. If you light a lamp on the floor of Tulsi and walk around the Tulsi tree, you can get wonderful peace of mind.

(5) The smell of basil destroys blood clots.

Tulsi Benefits For Health

(6) Benefits of tulsi for skin: Before bathing, if you take some basil leaves in water and bathe in that water for a while, there is no skin rash.

(7) If you drink that water with basil leaves in a container of drinking water, there will be no anger related to the stomach.

(8) The body is always cheerful and healthy if you wear the garland of Tulsi and Kanthi.

(9) Tulsi controls lust. It increases the libido, but it is real and limited.

(10) Tulsi chewing teeth do not feel ripe. The teeth become stronger and brighter and the longevity of the teeth is increased.

(11) When massaged with the juice of basil leaves, the bones become hard, the body becomes radiant, and the body remains calm. Applying basil juice instead of soap, oil, cream, etc. gives various types of physical well-being.

tulsi benefits for health

tulsi benefits for health

Benefits Of Tulsi For Lungs – Tulsi supports respiratory health, so it’s especially helpful for fighting off colds, flu, and allergies. Because it helps clear out the lungs, tulsi is also great for eliminating bad breath. It supports the colon for healthy elimination and is one of the top herbs for headaches and fevers

Excessive menstruation – Some women menstruate 10-12 days a month or some earlier. In this case, the roots of the basil tree should be picked up and crushed. The white and sweet drink should be eaten with half a teaspoon of the powder. In this rage, basil and drink should be eaten together. After playing for about a month, of course, anger is cured.

Adhikapali – It is a kind of headache. It only occurs in one-half of the head. This makes the angry person suffer a lot. In this case, the young buds of Tulsi should be dried in the shade and a little crushed. Take only 2 grams and mix it with honey and lick it. If you use it for 1 month, you will get benefits.

Basil Tulsi For Eye rash – Eye rash is a contagious rage. This rage is caused by the heat and cold. In this case, the juice of the basil leaves should be applied to the eyes according to Kajal, or a little honey should be mixed with the juice of the basil leaves and given 1 drop in the eyes. You have to pay for 2 days.

Constipation – If the stomach is not clean, i.e. the toilet is not clean, the reaction also occurs in the throat, coughing, and with it the head becomes heavy. In this case, crush 50 g of galapi alum with 20 g of basil leaves and make batika according to one pea and dry it in the shade. This time, one batika in the morning and evening with water will relieve constipation and toilet problems. Must eat for 15 days.

Benefits Of Tulsi

Leprosy – If you have this rage, you must drink basil juice regularly. If the finger melts and attacks the bones, the juice of the basil juice still has the power to cure leprosy. If you have white leprosy, you should chew 5 leaves of Tulsi in the morning. 5 leaves should be eaten at noon and 5 leaves before sunset for several days. It is beneficial. Rubbing Tulsi leaves with the soil of the root of the Tulsi tree and applying it to the spots does not leave any spots.

In case of leprosy – drink hot water with basil root powder. Basil juice and honey should be mixed and licked. If leprosy is very effective, then the juice of basil leaves and cow urine should be mixed and drunk in the morning and evening.

Basil Tulsi For Pregnancy – If a miscarriage occurs due to uterine rupture, then 25 grams of basil seeds should be crushed and wrapped in cloth. On menstrual days, it is beneficial to divide it into 3 doses and feed it 3 times in a row.

Contraceptives – Basil is also a contraceptive. When the menstrual period is over if you boil the basil leaves and eat that Kath for 3 days, the pregnancy will not take place.

Uses Of Tulsi In Diseases

Uses Of Tulsi In Diseases

Youth Stabilization – 20 grams of Pipul root and an equal amount of Maya with Ashwagandha, Tapchini, Tal Makhana, Nagkeshar, 100 grams of Tulsi leaves are crushed together, and 250 grams of honey is mixed with half a kilo of sugar to make chutney and cool. Six grams of cardamom and ten grams of saffron should be crushed. Then mix it all together and put it in a transparent glass container. This is the tonic of Basil Tulsi. In winter, lick 10 grams daily in the morning and drink lukewarm hot milk to prolong youth.

Toothache – Toothache is very painful. If you have a toothache, you have to make a paste by crushing the basil leaves and black pepper and if you put it on the floor of the toothache, the toothache will be reduced.

Toothpaste – Mix camphor with basil juice and soak it in toothpaste.

Calculus – Urinary incontinence and urinary incontinence. There is a pain in the lower abdomen. When this rage occurs, the rage should be placed in such a way that the lower part of the rage (from the waist) is lowered. Now you have to put it on the fire to make basil buds. Then you have to keep the pot of Kath under the waist of the ragi and press it up. As if steam is felt in the lower part of the rage. As the steam spreads over the urethra, the stone melts and slips out through the urethra. With the help of this application without surgery, the stone comes out.

Jaundice – This rage occurs when the blood in the body is low and the bile is high. The whole body turns yellow. It is called jaundice rage in Naba and English. Radish and basil are the best to cure anemia. 10 grams of basil juice and 50 grams of radish juice are mixed and mixed with molasses to cure it. Raj up to 1 month should be eaten 3 times a day, 3 grams of basil leaves, 3 grams of the root again, crush the two together and take it in 50 grams of water. If the body turns yellow due to anemia, it will go away. Anger will also heal.

Difficulty in childbirth – Eating basil juice reduces the painful pain of childbirth and gives birth! After soaking the tulsi seeds in water for 3/4 hours, the pain of childbirth is lessened by mixing sugarcane powder with it.

Breastfeeding Increases – Babies need to have plenty of breast milk. But in many cases, there is no milk in the mother’s breast, and it is very little. In this condition, 10 ml each of basil juice and corn juice and 5 ml of horseradish juice and shellfish and honey are given to the mother for 1 week to increase breast milk.

Hair Growth – Pour 21 grams of basil leaves and 10 grams of mango powder into a large container and mix it with water. When the head is dry, wash the head thoroughly in clean water and apply coconut oil. This will make the hair thicker and the hair will be black.

Basil Tulsi For Baldness – This is a terrible rage. It happens due to various reasons like blood clots etc. By crushing the buds and basil leaves of pepper together and applying them to the baldness, the baldness is cured.

uses of tulsi

Uses Of Tulsi In Electric shock – If a person becomes unconscious due to an electric current, he will regain consciousness in a short while if he rubs basil juice on his head and spine. Basil juice should also be rubbed on the soles of the feet. It should be given in the same way on the palm.

Uses Of Tulsi In Bad breath – Chew one or two basil tulsi leaves in the mouth after eating. Bad breath will be cut off, tooth decay will be lost and it will not be decayed. If the jaw is defective, it will be damaged.

Uses Of Tulsi In Bleeding – If there is any bleeding from the body for any reason and if it is not stopped, take 5 grams of basil root powder and drink it with food to stop the bleeding.

Night vision problem – 1 drop of basil juice should be given to 2 eyes and should be taken every 2 hours. In this way, you have to pay in the morning and evening, for up to 1 month. Pepper also removes the defects of the pupils of the eyes. Therefore the pepper should be kept in a damp cloth.

Then the peppercorns will swell. Then his skin must be removed. Then you have to make batika by crushing it with basil juice. In the morning and evening, rub 1 batika on the eyes and give it to Kajal. At first, it will look a little unbearable. Then it will be fine. In this way, in a few days, Ratkana Raag will be healed.

Benefits Holy Basil

Uses Of Tulsi In Ejaculation – In many cases ejaculation occurs for no apparent reason, the main cause being ejaculation. For semen nutrition, the shells of Nata-Koranj seeds, Tulsi seeds and Pipul should be taken together in the amount of 10 grams each to make six batikas. This batika is eaten one morning and one night and the semen is nourished by drinking milk.

Uses Of Tulsi In Ejaculation – Liquid ejaculation is a sign of impotence. Semen needs to be dark and transparent. If the semen is liquid, crush the basil seeds and candies in the amount of 50 grams each. It is beneficial to take two and a half grams of powdered cow’s milk in the morning. The semen is thickened by crushing the root of basil tulsi and eating it with candy powder and drinking cow’s milk.

Uses Of Tulsi In Premature ejaculation – Sometimes there are various defects in the semen, which results in ejaculation immediately after intercourse, leaving the woman dissatisfied. This condition. If it appears, the root of the basil tree should be chewed with a drink instead of a betel nut. Then the premature ejaculation will go away.

Uses Of Tulsi In Nightmares – In this anger, young men ejaculate in their sleep. In this case, it is beneficial to crush the basil root.

Less hearing in the ears – If the hearing is less in the ears, that is, if the hearing is less, the juice of tulsi leaf is heated a little and the juice is poured into the ears in the morning and evening.


Q. Can tulsi be taken daily?

A. Taking Tulsi tea on a daily basis has a calming effect and helps reduce stress.

Q. Who should not take tulsi?

A. People who are already on anti-clotting medications should avoid having this herb.

Q. What is the best way to take tulsi?

A. The easiest way to consume tulsi is by adding it to your tea. Add tulsi leaves to water and bring them to a boil. Let it simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. You can also add honey and lemon for extra flavor.

Q. Is tulsi good for the lungs?

A. Tulsi supports respiratory health, so it’s especially helpful for fighting off colds, flu, and allergies. Because it helps clear out the lungs, tulsi is also great for eliminating bad breath.

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