Benefits Of Giloy, Uses, Intake Method, Disadvantages

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The English name of Giloy is Tinospora, also known as Guduchi. In this way, it is mainly found in tropical regions, which it is also found in India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. It belongs to a family called Menispermaceae, which is a vine, and they are used for food as well as herbs. It is known as Gallo in Punjabi, Galochi in Pali, Gulancha in Bengali, Guduchi in Marathi, and Gurjo in Nepal.

Benefits Of Giloy, Uses, Intake Method, Disadvantages

Complete information about Giloy

giloy plant

It is a type of creeper plant whose lattice is spread up to 15 cm. It looks like a small betel leaf and it also looks like a heart shape. It is mostly found growing on the hard soil of forests or mountains, in which small seeds are engaged in bunches. Which are green in the beginning and turn red when cooked. The specialty of Giloy is that whatever kind of trees it spreads on, whatever good medicinal properties of that tree are absorbed in its plants. In this way, if it is spread on neem trees, then it becomes even more beneficial.

History of Giloy

This plant has been used for centuries. Giloy is a medicinal plant of India, which is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of many diseases. Ancient Hindu physicians used it for gonorrhea, and Europeans in India used it as a tonic and diuretic. It is officially recognized in the Pharmacopoeia of India, making it a drug and used to treat various diseases such as general weakness, fever, dyspepsia, dysentery, gonorrhea, urinary diseases, hepatitis, skin diseases, and anemia. is done.

The root of its Latika is also used in diseases of the intestine. It has many names in Ayurveda, such as Chakraangi and Amrita. It is such a herb that it is an important component of Ayurvedic medicines without it the practice of Ayurveda would not be possible.

The botanical name of Giloy

The botanical name of Giloy is Tinospora cordifolia. Its consumption is so effective that it also has the ability to prevent cancer. It also protects against leprosy, jaundice, and swine flu.

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Benefits Of Giloy

Benefits Of Giloy

Helps in digestion

According to the legitimate Ashutosh Jaibharat, Giloy works to keep digestive power healthy. It is very beneficial in treating intestinal diseases. To prevent constipation, if it is consumed regularly along with jaggery and amla, it helps in digestion. In the case of indigestion, mixing some Amla with half a gram of Poeter will give good results by eating it, as well as drinking Giloy juice mixed with curd and buttermilk will also benefit. Read the benefits and properties of curd here.

giloy benefits in curing diabetes

It also helps in keeping away the disease of diabetes. Dr. Manoj Ahuja of Fortis Hospital believes that Giloy works as a hypoglycaemic agent and a person who is suffering from type 2 diabetes, if he drinks its juice, then it is helpful in treatment. Giloy helps in reducing the level of diabetes present in the blood.

giloy benefits in gout

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties, so it is helpful in arthritis. If Giloy powder is eaten with hot milk and ginger, then according to Dr. Ashutosh it will be beneficial for arthritis.

Helpful in asthma and asthma disease

Dr. Manoj K. of Fortis Hospital Ahuja says that if a person is troubled by chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, or cough, then it is a symptom of asthma and asthma. If such symptoms are seen, then the person should start chewing the root of Giloy, then some relief can be given from these problems.

giloy benefits in anemia

It is often seen that there is a lot of problem with anemia in women. If those women mix giloy with ghee and honey and then consume it, it will remove their anemia.

Use of Giloy in the time of Corona

Everyone knows about the corona epidemic, and ever since this disease has knocked down India. Since then the sale of Giloy has become very high across the country. The reason for this is the medicinal properties found in Giloy. Yes, Giloy is known to have properties related to many diseases. The most important quality is that it is very beneficial in increasing immunity. In this era of the corona, increasing immunity is also very important, so it is being used a lot in India.

Giloy benefits

About Giloy, Delhi-based nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat says that in Sanskrit, Giloy is known as Amrit, which is translated because of its medicinal properties as the root of Amrita. That is, its root is also used, in Ayurveda its juice, powder, and capsules are also made and used. Its health-related benefits are as follows-

Increase in the immunity system

Giloy increases our immunity. It is the main source of anti-oxidants. Along with this, it is also helpful in keeping the main cells of our body healthy and getting rid of them from diseases. Giloy is also helpful in removing toxins from our body, it purifies the blood. Fighting the bacteria present in our body which is mostly the cause of diseases, helps in curing liver diseases and urinary tract obstructions. The use of Giloy is considered useful in the treatment of heart disease as well as infertility.

fever relief

Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, who is a legal practitioner of Ayurveda, says that Giloy is also effective in relieving fever. Since antipyretic properties are found in the nature of Giloy itself, it is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of dangerous diseases like dengue, swine flu, and malaria. It increases the number of blood plates. If a small piece of Giloy is taken with honey, it helps in the disease of malaria.

increase in oxygen level

Giloy also helps in reducing disease breathing problems. It is often used to treat diseases like cough, cold, and tonsils.

Increases eye power

Giloy also helps in maintaining the ability to see with the eyes. For this, after boiling Giloy powder in water, it has to be cooled and then washes the eyelids with this water, by this process the eyesight can be increased.

Helpful in reducing mental stress

Giloy is also helpful in reducing mental stress and anxiety. Removing the residual material present in the body, it provides peace to the mind and is also effective in increasing memory.

Giloy removes many diseases of the body, hence it is beneficial for health.

giloy skin benefits

giloy skin benefits

Helpful in acne problem

Giloy is very beneficial for the skin, if you grind its seeds and apply its paste on the face, then applying it will not cause the problem of acne.

Helpful in removing wrinkles and dark spots

Giloy contains anti-aging properties, which are helpful in preventing the effects of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, and lines on the skin with age.

effective in purifying blood

Using Giloy purifies the blood because it is helpful in keeping the cells healthy, and healthy. Also, it removes toxins. In this way, it makes the skin beautiful and blemish-free.

helpful in relieving allergies

It eliminates the allergens produced in the body, it also protects against dangerous skin diseases like psoriasis. If a person has any kind of allergy to their hands, feet, or skin, then he should consume Giloy continuously and simultaneously apply it by making a paste. You will get a lot of relief.

Giloy Juice Benefits

If Giloy juice is taken on an empty stomach in the morning, then it is a very beneficial factor. There is a starch content in the stem of Giloy, so its juice is also very slow. like –

  • The taste may be a bit intense, but it eliminates pimples or related problems, eczema, and psoriasis from the skin’s root because it can purify the blood naturally.
  • Giloy juice relieves problems like pitta, phlegm, and Vata.
  • Giloy juice protects against any kind of viral disease.
  • Giloy juice keeps the mind calm.

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method of consuming giloy

Giloy can be eaten with different things and in different ways, and diseases can also be avoided, such as

In tea form

It is very beneficial even if Giloy is consumed in the form of tea. Its tea is also very easy to make and it does not look too bitter. In fact, drinking it gives a feeling of pleasure.

How to make tea

To make a cup of tea, wash Guduchi i.e. fresh leaves of Giloy, and offer 5 to 6 addresses for boiling in a cup of water. After that, along with 5 black pepper, half a teaspoon of cumin, and palm candy, you can also mix it with sugar or honey and drink it. This tea reduces mental stress, it also enhances memory, it is a very easy home remedy.

Making juice

Giloy juice can also be found canned in the market, and we can also make it at home.

Method of making juice

Take the creeper of Giloy for about 1 foot, remove the top layer and grind the creeper well, then add 6 glasses of water, and cloves and boil it well. When the water remains half, you can filter it and consume it. This juice gives relief to joint pain. Giloy juice made in Baba Ramdev’s organization Patanjali is also available in the market.

Giloy Powder

The powder of Giloy can be consumed by making powder. You will get this powder easily in the market. Its powder is found in Patanjali under the name Giloy Churna. You can use it. You can eat its powder with water like this.

Method of making powder

First of all, you need the stem of Giloy. You break the stem and leaves from the Giloy plant and then separate the leaves and grind its sticks by shortening them. And soak it in water for some time. With this, all its starch will get mixed in the water. After that, you filter it. Now keep the filtered water for a while so that the starch will get deposited at the bottom. And you remove the water from above and dry the starch below and make a powder of it.

Giloy decoction

You can also consume it by making a decoction from the leaves of Giloy. It is the most beneficial. And it is also easy to make.

Method of making the decoction

First, you crush ginger and black pepper, after that take 2 cups of water and add things like giloy leaves, celery, black pepper, basil, ginger, cinnamon, etc. and keep it soaked for about 15 minutes. After this, boil it by keeping it in the gas for 15 to 20 minutes. When it remains only 1 cup, then close it and cool it, and then consume it. If you do not get Giloy leaves, then you can also bring dry powder made from the market and boil it in water and consume it.

Giloy Ghanvati Tablet / Tablet

You can also consume Giloy by making a tablet of Giloy. Yes, let us tell you that tablets of Giloy are also available in the market. You can say it twice a day with water. Patanjali’s Giloy Ghanvati is a very good medicine. If you want to consume it, you can. Otherwise, you can also make Giloy tablets at home.

Method of making tablet

The method of making Giloy tablets is similar to the method of making powder. You make its powder and then add little water to it and make tablets from it. Then dry it and use it.

Apart from this, Giloy can also be said with the following things –

With Ginger:-
Giloy is eaten with ginger to cure rheumatoid arthritis.

With Ghee:-
It is applied with castor oil and eaten with ghee to cure arthritis.

With sugar:-
It is eaten with sugar to keep the skin and liver healthy.

With Good:-
Also, to prevent constipation, it is used by eating it with jaggery.

the side effects of Giloy

There is no known serious side effect of using Giloy. The use of Giloy is herbal and natural and safe. But even then, if the quantity of anything is taken in excess, its effect is not very good. It can have the following disadvantages –

For diabetics

Giloy reduces the level of sugar present in the blood, so the person who is suffering from diabetes ie sugar disease, should use it less and should not use it for a long time.

For pregnant women

Apart from this, women who are pregnant should also avoid its use. Also, women who are breastfeeding a child should also not use it.

for children

Giloy is safe for those children who are five years of age or more, but older children should also be given its dose only once, that too should not be given more than this only for a week. Consuming too much of it can cause stomach irritation.

Therefore, Giloy is beneficial for you in every disease and in every way. But whatever product, medicine, or capsule you are consuming, then do it under the supervision of Dr.


Q: Where can I get Giloy, where can I buy it?

Ans: Giloy juice and Vati are made by Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali organization. You can buy it from any Patanjali store near you. Apart from this, if you want to plant its plant at home, then you can order it online from Amazon. You can extract fresh juice from the leaves of the Giloy plant.

Q: What are the disadvantages of Giloy?

Ans: Giloy is not harmful in any way, but still, people with diabetes are advised to take it in moderation, as well as they should not take it for a long time.

Q: How to make a decoction of Giloy?

Ans: Make a powder by drying the stem and leaves of Giloy. Now to make a decoction, boil a spoonful of powder in 1 glass of hot water. The decoction is ready.

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