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Benefits Of Drinking Bay Leaf Tea: A combination of bay leaves enhances the taste of cooking. In Biryani, polao, pies, dal, fish, meat, and halwa, the use of bay leaf in any cuisine gives a unique taste. But not only enhance the taste in cooking, but bay leaf also has more properties.

Benefits Of Drinking Bay Leaf Tea: How To Make It?

Benefits Of Drinking Bay Leaf Tea

This magical leaf contains antioxidants, vitamins A, and C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are beneficial for our health. For the medicinal properties of bay leaf, experts recommend its use in cooking as well as its tea. Know how to make bay leaf tea and its benefits

benefits of bay leaf tea

benefits of bay leaf tea

-Research has shown that bay leaf tea is highly effective in treating type 2 diabetes and improves insulin sensitivity.

-hot bay leaf tea benefits in improving digestion. It is also very effective in preventing constipation.

-Bay leaf tea is very good for the heart, as it contains potassium, antioxidants, and iron. Also, these nutrients help lower blood pressure.

– This tea has vitamin C, so it strengthens the immune system. It also has anti-bacterial properties, thus keeping infections at bay.

Bay leaves help reduce stress.

-Bay leaf tea is also used to treat cancer.

-Its anti-inflammatory properties protect the body from inflammation.

Ingredients for making bay leaf tea

3-4 bay leaves

A pinch of cinnamon powder

Two cups of water

Lemon and honey (optional)

How to make bay leaf tea

How to make bay leaf tea

1) Wash the leaves well. Bring the saucepan to a boil with enough water.

2) When the water starts boiling add bay leaf and cinnamon powder and let it boil for a while.

3) Now turn off the gas and strain the tea. You can add honey or lemon juice to it if you want.

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