‘Ban the BBC in this country’, the Supreme Court’s reply to the Hindu Sena

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: The Supreme Court had filed a case against a BBC documentary on the Gujarat violence and Narendra Modi’s role at the time. A public interest litigation was filed by the Hindu Sena demanding that the BBC be banned in the country. The Supreme Court rejected that application.

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Supreme Court Justice Sanjeev Khanna expressed his displeasure over the Hindu Sena hearing the case on Friday. In response to the Hindu Sena’s question during the hearing today, the judge said that such an application is completely unreasonable. How do you show such logic? How do you tell the courts to ban the BBC?

Hindu Sena president Vishnu Sharma filed a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court seeking ban on BBC. His claim was that BBC is anti-India, anti-Modi government at the Centre. India is fast becoming important in world politics. Hence, there is a conspiracy against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi through documentaries like India The Modi Question. Narendra Modi has been deliberately dragged into the drama created on the Gujarat violence. An attempt has been made to tarnish the image of Narendra Modi. Hinduism has also been attacked.

The BBC aired the first episode of the documentary last month. After it was shown in this country, the uproar started. The Center immediately arranged to remove it from YouTube and Teacher. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs became concerned with this. It is said that the documentary was made for propaganda. The colonial mentality is clear in this.

Meanwhile, the British government opened up last week, increasing pressure on the BBC over the documentary. In the meantime, British Parliament Foreign Secretary said in a statement that Britain will continue its efforts to improve relations with India. What happens to the BBC even if the government says so? This question was looming large in that country. The British Parliament rioted during the farmers’ protest in Delhi. The MPs of Indian origin there demanded to stand by the farmers staying in Delhi. Although not this time, the government was under increasing pressure with the BBC documentary on Modi. This time the British government opened its mouth. It was informed by the Sunak government that they have freedom in what news to report.

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