Ban lifted after 2 years, Donald Trump returns to social media

Former US President Donald Trump is going to return to social media after more than two years. Facebook and Instagram lifted the ban imposed on him. In 2021, the former US president’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended after Trump supporters attacked Capitol Hill.

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The ban expired last month. Then on Thursday, Andy Stone, the spokesperson of Facebook’s parent company ‘Meta’, announced the lifting of the ban imposed on Trump. As a result, the former US president has no restrictions on using Facebook and Instagram from now on. Incidentally, on January 7, 2021, at the time of the ban on the use of Facebook and Instagram, the number of followers of Donald Trump on Facebook was 34 million. The former US president had 23 million followers on Instagram.

The Republican lost to the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election Donald Trump (Donald Trump). At that time, the former US president was accused of using social media to spread misleading information about this rate. It is claimed that Republican Party supporters attacked Capitol Hill in 2021 on his orders. The incident led to an indefinite ban on his social media accounts.

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