At 67, new love came to Bill Gates’ life! The picture with the lover is viral

Australia: He was married to ex-wife Melinda French Gates for 27 years. That chapter ended in divorce a couple of years ago. New news is floating in the air now. It is heard that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is going to forget the bitterness of his relationship with Melinda. A new love has come in his life in Maha Samaroh. And that lover’s name is Paula Heard.

Paula’s husband, Mark Hurd, was the CEO of Oracle Corporation. He died in 2019. It is heard that Bill Gates and Paula have been in love since last year i.e. 2022. The pair were seen sitting close to each other in the gallery during the Australian Open men’s singles final last year. Now that picture has gone viral. However, even though they have been in a relationship for a year, Bill still hasn’t gotten over Paula’s introduction to his children.

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Melinda and Bill have three children. The first daughter is Jennifer. Jennifer, 26, is currently pregnant. Maze has 23-year-old Rory and younger daughter Phoebe. According to sources, Paula has not met any of them.

Netizens are saying that Bill and Paula’s numbers have become two and four in eleven times. The pair of the two is absolutely royal. One is divorced, the other’s husband recently passed away. Moreover, like Bill co-founder of Microsoft, Paula has had a long career within various software companies. Paula currently works in the sales and alliance management sector of National Cash Register (NCR). Even, both are interested in doing service work.

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Bill and Melinda officially announced their separation to the media in May 2021. However, despite the divorce, the former couple worked together for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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