Astronomers Watch A Star Die In Space In NGC 5731 Galaxy Supernova

Star Die In Space: There is a huge explosion. As if the body of the star is tearing. Six of the intense ala are spreading in space. This incident has been going on for a year. Very close to the earth. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has seen what looks like a star being shattered by a massive explosion. The light is penetrating his body and spreading in the sky.

Star Die In Space

Star Die In Space

This is happening in the NGC 5731 galaxy, just 120 million light-years away from Earth. The giant red star is ending itself. Astronomers say that the star is 12 times heavier in Arabia than the Sun. Prachanda his energy. The bodies of the stars are being torn apart by the explosion, and the rays of Ala are falling out in space.

The Hubble Telescope has shown that the stars are sometimes becoming very bright and sometimes fade. A whole galaxy is being filled with the six of his ala.

NGC 5731 Galaxy Supernova

According to NASA, the NGC 5731 galaxy is 120 million light-years away from Earth. Although smaller in size than our Milky Way galaxy, it is crammed with child-adult stars. Constantly the stars are born and die here. There are always explosions that are called supernovae in the language of astronomy.

As the stars are born, so is death. Terrible explosions occur when a star or star reaches the point of death. He is called Supernova. During this supernova, intense lightning can be seen in space. In the explosion, fire and gas came out of Tara’s body. However, this radiance did not last long. After a short time, it starts to fade. Lost in the end. Last year too, six bright lights were seen in space. Scientists at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii observed the movement of the star 130 days ago.

Scientists say that the galaxy is preparing for a massive explosion when the fat ones are slowly eroding. That star is moving towards death.

when is supernova coming out

Astronomers say that during supernovae, the nuclear fuel inside the star’s body begins to burn very quickly. A kind of force is created. This force wants to inflate the star. Instead, they use their own gravitational force. Under the influence of these two forces, an extreme pull continues inside the star. At one point, nuclear fuel ran out. Then the stars’ own power increases. All the energy comes together and accumulates in the center of the star. That’s when the explosion happened. Scientists say the neutron star was born because of the explosion.

Star Die In Space

Black holes or black holes can be formed by tearing the bodies of stars. The wreckage of the stars remains in space. Once upon a time, he was born the White Dwarf Star or the White Dwarf Star.

Astronomers say the galaxy is usually the result of a stream of frozen gas. Millions of stars are housed in his body. Whose size and mass are many times larger than the sun. The battle between these giant stars continues. Sometimes they are black halls in the middle of the galaxy Trouble started with. This massive explosion of cosmic objects, a huge explosion caused smoke and scattered parts of the bodies of dead stars to fall all around. Just as this catastrophe causes death, it gives birth to new stars. NGC 6946 is such a star in the galaxy Supernova was seen in the collision.


Q. How long does a supernova last?

A. The explosion of a supernova occurs in a star in a very short time span of about 100 seconds.

Q. How often do supernovae occur?

A. Supernova will occur about once every 50 years in a galaxy the size of the Milky Way.

Q. Can a supernova destroy a galaxy?

A. Supernovas are created during the last moments of a star’s life. These gigantic explosions can wipe out galaxies and the planets inside them.

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