Assam Flood: 195 People Dead, 37 People Missing, Flood Damage CM Gave

Assam Flood: From that April, one after another shocks in Assam. Vast areas of Assam were practically destroyed due to two successive floods. In all, 195 people died. 37 people are still missing. Such a big natural calamity has never happened before in the history of the state. This is what Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma said on Saturday.

Assam Flood

Assam Flood: 195 People Dead, 37 People Missing, Flood Damage CM Gave

The Chief Minister of Assam said that 19 deaths have occurred due to the collapse. It is one of the highest flood-related deaths in the state’s history. About 8.9 million people have been affected by the floods since April. This number is about a third of the state’s population.

As per an official count, 34 out of 35 districts of the state were hit by floods. 54,837 cattle have died so far. 240096 hectares of the land went under water.

Chief Minister of Assam said that 742250 people took shelter in relief camps this year. NDRF and SDRF teams rescued 98,509 people.

The government has given compensation of Tk 4 lakh to the families of those who lost their lives in the floods and landslides. According to our records, 189,752 families were in relief camps, the Chief Minister said. We have taken a new initiative this year. We will give them 3800 rupees to buy household items. So far this money has entered the bank accounts of 181,859 families.

We will give 100,000 rupees to 101,539 students to buy textbooks in flood-affected areas. Those who lost their books by 15th August will get their books from the school. Chief Minister’s assurance

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