‘Article 370 should be returned’, Imran again on the Kashmir issue

World News : Imran opened his mouth about India-Pak talks. Demand to return Article 370 in Kashmir. Discussions are not possible if it is not returned, said Imran. The abrogation of Article 370 from Kashmir is an obstacle to the renewed Indo-Pak relations. Talks with India are possible only if special status is restored to Kashmiris. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said this once again. In an interview with foreign media in Lahore, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan appealed to India to immediately return the special status to the people of Kashmir. He also claimed that if Article 370 is not returned, discussion is not possible. Islamabad is currently facing an economic crisis. The current Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has indicated to re-establish relations with India. At that time, Imran’s comment about the cancellation of Article 370 from Kashmir is considered to be quite indicative by diplomatic circles.

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Incidentally, in 2019, New Delhi decided to withdraw Article 370 from the Valley. He was the Prime Minister of Pakistan at that time Imran. He demanded that special status be given back to the people of Kashmir. The then Pakistan government severed all ties with India protesting the withdrawal of Article 370. The head of Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf Party did not stop criticizing the current Shahbaz Sharif government regarding the rule of law while talking to foreign journalists. According to him, currently In Pakistan There is no rule of law. And if the rule of law cannot be brought back, he also thinks that progress is not possible. He praised India in this regard. Imran Khan claimed that the country is moving forward because there is rule of law in India. The former prime minister also accused the Pakistani government of violating the constitution. The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered elections to be held in Punjab and Pakhtunkhwa within 90 days after the fall of the government.

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