Arpita’s flat in China Park! ED officials attacked, what is inside?

Arpita’s flat in China Park: After Talliganj, Belgharia, now Chinar Park. ED officials raided the fourth floor of Chinar Park residence on Thursday. Arpita Mukherjee’s flat is in this residence. That is what is being claimed.

Arpita’s flat in China Park

Arpita's flat in China Park! ED officials attacked, what is inside?

After getting off the car in the afternoon, the ED officials pressed the elevator and went straight to the fourth floor. After Talliganj and Belgharia, Chinar Park flats. Central security forces also surrounded the flat. But this float is also locked. Residents of the flat claim that it has been locked for a long time. It was not known who would come.

On this day, the ED officials asked several residents to know about this flat. They also want to know who came there and when. But none of the residents could say anything about it. The residents of the flat next door said that the flat remains closed. We don’t even see anyone coming.

A female resident of Royal residency said I heard a Bengali singer. I knew that Arpita Mukherjee sings in Bengali and Hindi. But never saw him. I did not think that this incident will be related to this building.

Meanwhile, around 50 crore cash has been recovered from Belgharia and Talliganj flats. Along with this, the ED officials have found a huge amount of gold. Allegations are being made that former education minister Partha Chatterjee is connected with this money. It is also alleged to be connected with the SSC conspiracy. But now let’s see what is recovered from the Chinar Park flat.

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