Apart from the Queen’s photo in the notes, which country other than Britain took this decision?

World News: The image of Queen Elizabeth II is removed from the Australian 5 dollar bill. The decision has been informed by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The Reserve Bank said that the decision was made in consultation with the government. Australia took a big decision. Now it has been decided to remove the picture of Queen Elizabeth II from their notes. However, the image of the Parliament of Australia on the reverse side of the note will remain, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia. The country’s Reserve Bank said the decision to remove the image of the late British Queen from Australia’s five-dollar note is to reflect and honor the history of Aboriginal culture. They said that this decision was taken after discussing with the federal government. The Reserve Bank of Australia has also announced that the decision to remove the image of the Queen will lead to a redesign of the Australian five dollar note.

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It is said that tribal groups will be consulted on the design of the new notes. They said it would take several years to design and print the new notes. The country’s Reserve Bank said the current Australian five-dollar note will remain in circulation until new notes are introduced. Meanwhile, Britain died last year Queen Elizabeth II. Although the British Queen, she was also constitutionally the Head of State of Australia. After the death of Elizabeth, King Charles III ascended the British throne. As a result, he has now become the head of state of Australia.
However, after the Queen’s death, the issue of the British King or Queen being the ‘constitutional head of state’ in Australia has been renewed. In a referendum in 1999, voters chose to retain the British monarch as head of state. But after the Queen’s death in 2022, the government decided that Charles’ image would not be used on the Australian five dollar note.

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