Antarctica Sky Suddenly Turned Pink: Do You Know Why The Sky Turned Pink?

Antarctica Sky Suddenly Turned Pink: ‘Akashe Aaj Ronger Khela’ is a very favorite Bengali song. It is as if one can look at the sky of Antarctica with the echo of that favorite song.

Looking, the mind will no longer have a fair of clouds, the mind will be swept away in a stream of colors. Because there is a festival of colors in the sky!

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Antarctica Sky Suddenly Turned Pink

It happened in January. Volcanic eruptions reached 19 km above sea level. The incident took place in New Zealand. This is known as the Tonga Eruption. This also caused a tsunami. But as a result, the sky was filled with aerosols. And because of that, a pink-purple glow is visible in the sky now. The sky lights up in the ‘afterglow’ of the Tonga eruption.

Scientists say that many types of aerosols are circulating in the stratosphere of Antarctica. These particles persist in that layer of the sky long after the eruption. And they are scattering light. Because of that dispersion, the sky plays with different colors.

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