Annu Rani: Annu’s Roar Before The World Athletics Championships 2022

Annu Rani Before The World Athletics Championships Final

Annu Rani: India’s Annu Rani reached the final in the women’s javelin throw event at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA. With this, Annu went to the finals of the World Athletics Championship twice in a row. But he is not happy about it. “I am not at all happy with this result. I have thrown better than that in the preliminaries. I could have done better. I have to throw well in the finals,” Annu said after reaching the final with a throw of 59.60m.

Annu Rani

After Neeraj Chopra’s javelin gold at the Tokyo Olympics, Annu is motivated to do well on the international stage. The women’s national record holder at last year’s Tokyo Olympics failed to qualify for the final after throwing 54.04m. After that, Annu set a national record by throwing 63.82 meters in the open meet of the National Athletics Association in Jamshedpur in May this year. Annu Rani will enter the final on Saturday morning.

After reaching the final, the Indian woman javelin thrower complained, “Practice is necessary before entering the throwing event. But at this World Championship in Eugene, practice is not allowed before the event in the stadium field. The side stadium is further away. As a result, no one could give the last-minute practice properly. There’s been trouble.”

Adds, “The first throw is a foul. The second and third throws are better than before. In fact, by then it’s warm-up between throws.” The Indian woman javelin thrower was asked, was there any tension during the final throw of 59.60m in the final throw? Annu’s reply, “There was definitely a thought during the last throw. Because, if this throw was fouled, the dream would have been shattered. I was thinking about what would happen. Finally, I managed to make the throw better than before and go to the final. I have to throw better in the final.”

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