Amid controversy over documentary, income tax attack on Delhi and Mumbai offices, BBC opens up

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: The politics of the country is again in motion with the documentary made by BBC on Gujarat violence and Modi’s role. The Income Tax Department raided BBC offices in Delhi and Mumbai on Tuesday. The income tax department calls that hana a ‘survey’. After entering the office, the phones and laptops of the journalists and account department staff were taken away. Most of the political parties and editors guild condemned the incident. BBC opened up about it.

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The Income Tax Department claims that the BBC has been asked several times in the last few months to know several details regarding their profits. The BBC is repeatedly breaking international income tax and transfer pricing rules. They have been given many notices about it. They did not provide that information. As a result, 60-70 income tax officials reached the BBC office in Delhi this morning. A team also reached the BBC office in Mumbai. Staff working on the accounts were interrogated upon entering the office. Their documents are also checked. Income tax department claims, it is not red. This is a regular process. It is being discussed.

If an international organization like the BBC wants to raid their office, they have to inform their headquarters. The BBC’s central office has been informed about the Income Tax Department’s claim. However, BBC’s Mumbai and Delhi offices claimed that they were not informed about anything. BBC finally opened up about it. According to the press team of the organization, income tax officials have come to the Mumbai and Delhi offices of the BBC. We are fully cooperating. Hope this problem will be solved very easily.

Meanwhile, BJP National Spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia opened up about the attack. He said that if any company is operating in India then they have to follow the laws of India. So if you work in accordance with the law, where is the problem? BBC is a very corrupt organization. What the BBC does is matched by Congress.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said, “We have demanded a joint parliamentary inquiry into Adani.” And the government has fallen behind the BBC. Annihilation is the destruction of intelligence.

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