Amazing! In the last 60 years, this old man has never done this! Despite that, Divya is healthy and strong

If we do not sleep well at night, we feel tired throughout the day The feeling of relaxation does not want to end But do you know that a resident of Vietnam has not slept for a moment for the past 60 years! The net mahal is now abuzz with this person who has been awake since 1962 The name of the 80-year-old Vietnamese resident is Thai Gok He claims that a few decades ago he had a terrible fever once in his youth Since then he can’t sleep anymore

According to media reports, Thai’s family includes a wife and children Family members and his friends and neighbors never saw him sleep It is said that if you don’t sleep at night, your body and health deteriorate

But surprisingly the Thai body has no such symptoms He is completely healthy physically and mentally His diet is also healthy Apart from simple food, he loves to drink green tea and wine

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Posted by YouTuber Drew Binski about Nirghum Thai He posted the video last February 2 Its views have already crossed several lakhs But no one knows how he has been in good health for so many years without sleeping

Netizens are also surprised to see his variety One said he had read reports about sleepless Thais as a child It is good to know that he is still healthy

One netizen commented, Thai Gok wants to see and enjoy the world more than others So there is not even a single drop of sleep in his daily life

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