Allegations of corruption in mid-day mills in the state, the Center ordered a CAG investigation

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Many complaints are often heard about the mid-day meal. There have been reports of mixing of rice and other ingredients, where something has fallen into the food. This time, the Union Ministry of Education has ordered a CAG (CAG) investigation, alleging corruption in the state’s mid-day mill. As a result, after teacher recruitment corruption, cow smuggling cases, the state government is under pressure again.

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A few days ago, the central team visited various parts of the state to investigate allegations of corruption in the mid-day mill. The CAG was asked by the Union Education Ministry on Wednesday to look into the matter after that phase ended. It has been asked to investigate and submit a report on the way the mid-day meal project is working in Bengal. The Center claims that the guidelines regarding mid-day meal are not being followed in various cases in the states. Many complaints of irregularities are coming up. From that point of view, the decision of CAG investigation has been taken.

According to the Union Ministry of Education, three issues will be examined in this investigation. Firstly, it will be seen whether the guidelines of the center have been followed, secondly, how the guidelines of the center have been followed and thirdly, whether the mid day meal money has been used elsewhere or how it has been used.

In the last 8 days, the representatives of the Joint Review Mission of the Center have examined the complaints about mid mills in 8 districts of the state. The central delegation came to the state on January 29. There were complaints of rats and ticks falling in the food from different places. They are examined. Besides, the officials of the delegation check the amount of money allocated for the food of the students, how much is reaching the students, what is the condition of the kitchen. They visited a total of 30 schools in 8 days.

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