Allegation Of Hitting The Principal With A Hockey Stick In Front Of Bangladesh Parliament

Allegation Of Hitting The Principal: MPs are also not far behind in the torture of teachers in Bangladesh. And from the members of the managing committee to the political leaders, influential circles, students are not behind in beating, insulting and attacking teachers.

Allegation Of Hitting The Principal With A Hockey Stick

Even after being bullied, bullied teachers may not disclose it. On the contrary, forced to hide the incident of torture. As happened in Rajshahi.

Bangladesh Principal accused of beating

Rajshahi-1 (Tanor-Godagari) Constituency Member of Parliament Omar Farooq Chowdhury on the night of July 7, called the Principal of Rajabari Degree College of Rajshahi’s Godagari Upazila Salim Reza to his private chamber and beat him up. Then some other principals and vice-principals of various colleges of Godagari Upazila were present there. He also lost consciousness due to the mayhem.

But the principal did not disclose it out of fear. Later two days ago when it was revealed in social media and news media, Rajshahi parliamentarian held a press conference with the principal on Thursday. There, the member of parliament himself denied the incident of mayhem. And principal Salim Reza said, ‘In the presence of parliament members, their principals quarreled and fought. The MP did not kill him.’

What Is The Real Story?

Daily Jugantar’s Rajshahi correspondent Tanjimul Haque said, ‘I have personally met and talked to the principal. He then told me that the MP had assaulted him. He was also beaten with a hockey stick. After a 15-minute scuffle, one of the principals of another college present there rescued him and sent him out of the MP’s chamber. Then he took first aid from a doctor. After the incident, the principal kept his mobile phone off for a few days out of fear and shame and did not come out of the house.’

When asked why the principal is now denying the incident, he said, “This MP has a record of beating up teachers in the past as well.” It is his nature to slap teachers. Earlier also he beat up another principal and a primary school teacher. Beat up an Upazila engineer. There was no trial for these. As a result, this principle is now forced to hide the incident out of fear.’

He said, “Today (Thursday) he covered up the injuries on his back, elbows and waist during the press conference. But the black marks under his eyes were evident.”

Gazi Television’s Rajshahi journalist Rashed Ibn Obaid said, “I think he told us about torture at the hands of the member of parliament but now he is denying it out of fear.” Because the MP is very influential. Principal appointment and many other things are under his control.

The principal switched off his mobile phone immediately after the press conference on Thursday. And Sangsad Omar Farooq Chowdhury said on the telephone, “The job of journalists is to defame respectable people.” Principals often come to my chamber to gossip. There was a fight between them. I was there. It was settled on the day of the incident.’

He denied the allegations of beating teachers earlier.

However, National University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Moshiur Rahman thinks, ‘The MP has once again shown the strength of his power by holding a press conference with that principal.’

This is not the first time

This is not the first incident of teachers being assaulted by MPs. Earlier last May, Jhenaidah-4 (Kaliganj) constituency MP Anwarul Azim Annar entered Kaliganj Government Mahtab Uddin College with his group and beat Professor Sajjad Hossain. He beat up one of his favorite teachers for not being able to hide the papers of the corruption case against him.

In 2016, Shyamal Kanti Bhakta, head teacher of Peer Latif High School in Narayanganj, was publicly arrested in the presence of influential member of parliament Salim Osman.

Kill all the teachers

Ashraful Islam Jitu, a class 10 student of the same school, beat and injured Utpal Kumar Sarkar, a teacher of Haji Yunus Ali School and College, with a cricket stamp in Yarpur Union of Ashulia, Savar on June 25. Later he died. Jitu’s family members are the leaders of the school’s managing committee.

On June 18, the Acting Principal of Mirzapur United College, Swapan Kumar Biswas, was put on a necklace of shoes in front of the police in Narail.

On March 22, Hridoy Mandal, a science teacher of Binodpur Ram Kumar High School in Munshiganj, was systematically harassed with false accusations of insulting religion. But instead of giving him security, the police and the administration filed a case against him and sent him to jail.

Managing Committee President Shamim Hoser Liton beat Sajjadul Islam Dudu, head teacher of Tetulia High School in Nandigram, Bogra on October 7 last year and knocked out three teeth.

In 2018, faeces were poured on the head of the superintendent of Kanthalia Islamia Daruchchunnat Dakhil Madrasa in Bakerganj, Barisal. His crime was that he prevented the dominant class from taking over the land of the madrasa. No action was taken before the video of the incident was released.

Why do they attack teachers?

The country’s educational institutions are now controlled by local MPs, political leaders and luminaries. Especially in private educational institutions their violence is extreme. In order to be in the managing committee of primary schools, at least graduation is required, but there is no such obligation in the governing bodies of secondary and higher secondary schools. Even though the government orders MPs not to be in the governing body, they actually control it. MPs have actually taken over the private educational institutions so to speak. They do whatever they want. Teachers, professors, principals were beaten up when they went outside. The job is gone. And the local Awami League leaders are with the MPs. Nazrul Islam Roni, president of Bangladesh Teachers’ Association (Bashis), said, “MPs, political leaders, managing committees, influential people are now beating up teachers. If they don’t get the money for recruitment and development as per their wish, they will attack. As far as I know, teachers are now being sued in various courts. There are at least 10,000 cases to get back their jobs. They were fired for not doing what the managing committee said.” He said that teachers also committed suicide due to these reasons.

He complained, ‘The Ministry of Education does not take any measures to stop teacher torture. There is no result even after filing a case. And if the MPs beat the teachers then the rest are encouraged.’

He said that for this reason, the teachers’ protection law has been demanded by the association.

Shahjahan Alam Saju, general secretary of the Independence Teachers Parishad, said that they do not have the account of how many teachers have been subjected to torture and humiliation so far. However, more than 10-12 teachers have been beaten and assaulted in the last six months. One was killed. He said, ‘We don’t even know about many cases of slapping. They do not express fear. Many things happen in reality.’

He said, ‘Educational institutions have now become partisans. Here is the influence of party leaders and workers including MPs. As a result, they want to run everything according to their wishes. If not, teachers are subjected to torture. Heads of educational institutions have to bear the responsibility of their corruption.

He said, ‘When the MPs raised their hands on the teachers, we were speechless. They will legislate. But if they break the law and take the law into their hands, everyone else will do the same. So innocent teachers are now being tortured by whoever can.’

The National University will stand next to it

The National University has constituted an inquiry committee in the incident of torture of the Principal in Rajshahi. The university authorities will take action after the committee reports. University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Moshiur Rahman said, “Recently, we have seen in three incidents that the excess of power has started in the educational institutions. Teachers are being tortured as they are not empowered. We have previously stopped the excesses of a former MP. In Rajshahi, MP Sahib could not beat a police constable. But killed the principal. Because he does not have the so-called social power. This MP again held a press conference today (Thursday) about that principal. This is also an excess of power. We will see that too.’

He said, ‘National University will stand by the teachers. It can’t go on like this. I will try to bring the member of the Parliament of Rajshahi under accountability.

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