Best Alchemist Nicolas Flamel In Search Of Philosopher’s Stone

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Alchemist Nicolas Flamel

4th century BC Greece. The court of Emperor Alexander. This aristocratic witty woman named Maria has come to visit from a faraway country. He was welcomed. All the learned men of the kingdom began to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

Alchemist Nicolas Flamel

Maria later became known as the first alchemist in history (her position was among the top 52 alchemists of all time); However, she is better known as ‘Maria the Jewess‘.

Alchemist Nicolas Flamel In Search Of Sorcerer’s Stone

He then went to Egypt, to the city of Memphis. According to the eighth-century Byzantine historian George Sinclaus, he was introduced to Memphis by a man named Democritus, to whom he gave a light idea of real chemistry. Democritus has since become a student of Maria. The name of Democritus is now memorable in history because he gave the first atomic theory.

Nicolas Flamel

Maria is best known from the writings of the third-century alchemist and Gnostic Christian writer Zosimos of Panopolis. He was not sure of Maria’s lifetime, however, and estimated the date to be between the first and third centuries BC. Maria invented many chemical devices.

Maria possessed a unique knowledge – she could make gold. At least that’s what people said. He is thought to have discovered hydrochloric acid (HCl) before Jabir Ibn Hayyan, but most scientific texts deny this. The Arabs called her ‘Plato’s daughter‘.

All of Maria’s writings are lost in the womb of history. However, the spiritual figures of the time used various quotes from Maria in their writings. The book The Dialogue of Mary and Aros on the Magistery of Hermes describes some of the processes that later became the basis of alchemy. For the first time there we find the names of some acidic salts and acids. Ways of producing gold from plants are also pointed out there!

The mysterious Maria then disappeared from the pages of history. But since then, research on alchemy has begun in many places. Success Or failure, we do not know. Maybe I don’t know.

The work of alchemy continued until the eighth century. It was then that Jabir ibn Hayyan introduced alchemy to the Muslim world. And for the first time, he mentions the help of the Creator or God as a spiritual force.

But Jabir’s alchemy theory was opposed by many Muslim chemists or chemists (not alchemists) from the ninth to the fourteenth centuries. Among them were the eminent Al-Biruni and Ibn Sina. They were the opposition. According to them, it is never possible to convert one substance into another.

Alchemy probably spread to the Middle East and the Palestinian territories during Jabir’s time. Unexpected proliferation occurs. European alchemists stumbled upon some of the alchemists’ manuscripts at the time. Did they reach the goal?

Albertus Magnus was a 13th-century German bishop. It is said that he was the first to turn metal into gold in the Middle Ages, he had Parashamani! He was later declared a saint by the Catholic Church. He studied alchemy and sorcery. According to him, magic should be used for good. This St. Albert wrote that he saw the ‘eye’ metal turn into gold!

Nicholas Flamel Sorcerer’s Stone

St. Albert passed that knowledge on to his student Thomas, who later became known as St. Thomas Aquinas.

It was at this point that someone appeared on the scene, whose name simply came to mean Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone or Parashamani.

His name was Nicolas Flamel. He was an important character in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and it is mentioned in the series that he lived for centuries. But what do you think, JK Rolling is the creator of the character? Not surprisingly, Nicolas Flamel was a man of flesh and blood, living in Paris! There is a road in Paris named after him!

Nicolas Flamel

He is known as the greatest alchemist of all time; Of course, there is no evidence at all in the pages of history that he did anything about his alchemy. From his handwritten marriage documents to his will, these are preserved in The Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. Since we will search for any story in this series in search of the supernatural, whether it is proven or unproven in the context of history, so let’s start with the story.

Approximately 1330. The legendary Nicolas Flamel was born in a moss ball area called Ponteyes in Paris.

We don’t know much about his childhood. However, as far as we know, around 1350, young Nicholas opened a small bookstall in Paris. From an early age, he had an impossible passion for books. Why is it called ‘stall’? Because it wasn’t a store. Nicolas Flamel sat down with a stall two feet by two and a half feet, as the booksellers sit on the sidewalk in Nilkhet. But he put all his labor into his bookstore. Gradually the profits of Nicholas’s business continued to grow. He decided to give me a big shop.

He bought a house on the old Marivax Street in Paris, and he bought a shop on the ground floor. Not only that, at one point Nicolas Flamel started giving people jobs.

In the life of every man there may come a woman who looks like, yes, this is my worthy companion, with whom I have to spend my life. In Nicholas’s life, that woman was Pernell.

Pernell was a widow but beautiful. He was also wealthy. Although slightly older than Nicholas in age. However, age did not meet the barrier. They got married. Nicholas’ wife was Perenelle Flamel, 136.

Not only was Pernell beautiful, but she was also very knowledgeable, an ideal for Nicholas, to say the least. Parnell successfully suppressed the secrets of her husband’s future life. If the writings of Nicolas Flamel were not available today, we might not know anything about this woman’s thirst for knowledge. According to folklore, they used two Parashamani to achieve immortality, pretending their fake deaths in front of people. He will come later.

Nicolas Flamel

When Nicolas Flamel opened a small bookstore in his early life, he continued to read books that were considered taboo in the eyes of the public. For example, banned alchemy books. He finished books on alchemy by Egyptians, Greeks, and Arabs. At one point he became convinced that the secret documents of Alchemy have hidden somewhere in coded or ‘coded’ language. Or, have special people; But it is very difficult for a bookseller to find such a person.

One-day event. Nicholas was sitting in the bookstore when a peddler came in and said he wanted to sell the book because he had a lot of money. He has brought many old books. Nicholas usually drove away in these cases, but his eyes were fixed on a special book that day. In that very old manuscript of excellent binding, he saw some very interesting signs and images. He decided he would buy it. He bought the book with two fluorines without any fuss.

The pages of the book, written in a language unfamiliar to Greek and Nicholas, were extraordinary, not ordinary parchment at all. The book was divided into seven sections, each with four pages. After every three pages there was an almost blank page where nothing was written, but all the strange pictures, it was mysterious to see. But the first thing that comes to mind is the name of the author of the beautifully written book on the first page, ‘Jewish Prince Abraham’. The corners of the book were wrapped in gold.

Since Nicolas Flamel has read about alchemy in recent days, it is not difficult for him to see the signs in the book and understand that it is a book on alchemy. “Can I read this book?” Nicholas thought. All the languages ​​in the book that he can’t read.

What will he do?

He wrote some pages of the book himself and went out looking for someone who could tell what was written here.

Nicholas Flamel Sorcerer’s Stone


Q. Nicolas Flamel Wife Name?

A. In 1368, Nicholas Flamel married Perenelle.

Q. Is Nicolas Flamel dead?

A. Nicolas Flamel Death In 1418.

Q. How did Nicolas Flamel live so long?

A. Philosopher’s Stone: Nicolas created the legendary and mystical Philosopher’s Stone, an incredibly powerful magical object that granted him and his wife a greatly extended lifespan through the power of Immortality.

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