Ajit Doval to meet Putin in Russia, speculations surrounding the meeting

Ajit Doval: Ajit Doval on Russia tour. Had a meeting with the Russian President. Emphasis on implementation of India-Russia strategic partnership. It is known that they talked about several issues including global terrorism. India’s Security Advisor on a 2-day visit to Russia. The Indian Embassy of Russia tweeted about Doval’s meeting with the President of Russia. In the meeting, bilateral and regional issues were discussed between them. The embassy also claimed that India-Russia has agreed to continue working towards the implementation of the strategic partnership. Earlier on Wednesday, Ajit Doval attended the fifth meeting of United Nations Security Council Secretaries on Afghanistan in Moscow. In that meeting, he highlighted the decision taken by the United Nations Security Council in 2021. In that Security Council meeting, emphasis was placed on ending support to banned militant organizations.

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A country in which to use terrorism Afghanistan He also warned about not using soil. Along with that, India’s security adviser has given a message to stand by the Afghan people. Apart from Russia and India, representatives of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were present in the meeting. However, there was no representative from Pakistan. Incidentally, the United Nations has repeatedly accused China of supporting Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. India’s proposal to ban Pakistani militants was vetoed several times Beijing– who In this context, Doval’s comments on China’s presence at the Security Council meeting are considered particularly indicative.

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