Age 38, still not married son! Is not a disease? Doubtful what mother did

The age is passing, but there is no fear about the son’s marriage. Seeing this does not worry any parents! This story is now heard in every house. Many parents insist on marrying their favorite girl. But if you think this is only in India, you will think wrong. Chinese parents have similar concerns. Recently, a mother did a strange thing out of that worry.

Mothers worry a lot if sons are not married. If the son does not pay attention to it, the mother starts looking for the girl herself. Then the son’s weight is no longer objectionable. But that did not happen in this Chinese family. Son is 38 years old. He does not want to marry, there is no girlfriend! Is there a problem? Is not hiding something son? Unable to live in worry, he took his son straight to the psychiatrist’s door. His question while showing the doctor at the hospital of psychiatry, is there any confusion in the son’s head? Or why is not getting married at such an age!

The boy named Wang is known as ‘Super Old Single Man’ in his town. He feels he is not yet fit for marriage due to several reasons. So far so good. But he has to go to the doctor every year during Lunar New Year to satisfy his mother. That is why he is not willing to think of himself as a single man. Rather, in his words, getting married is no longer due to the busyness of work. Moreover, the ‘right man’ has not yet come into her life. As a result, the marriage is not being done. But his mother’s night sleep is gone. Even in 38 years, no one is married! With this thought, ink is falling under the mother’s eyes.

Wang has been working in Beijing for ten years. Although an actor in his early life, he was a tennis coach in his later life. Even after working for ten years, the bank balance did not accumulate. He doesn’t even have the money to make a down payment to buy a house in Beijing. In this situation ‘who will marry me?’ The question is his. By the way, in some areas of China, there is still money system. To persuade the girl to marry from the son’s house, that bet has to be paid.

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