After Valentine’s week comes the week of breaking love! Why is it observed?

Many people know the month of February as the day of love. On February 14, all couples are in great love. However, the Anti-Valentine’s Week starts from February 15. Each day of this week is observed as a separate day. There are some reasons behind celebrating Anti Valentine’s Week. Let’s find out about them.

Why is Anti-Valentine’s Week celebrated?

After being in a romantic relationship for a long time, it is heartbreaking when the relationship ends for some reason. Once the mind is broken it is very sad. Many people stop going out due to extreme anxiety. He stopped talking to everyone. AntiValentine’s Week begins with thinking about them. This special week is started for those who have suffered in this way. Each day of the week is celebrated separately. Let’s see which day of this week is celebrated.

Slap Day: Slap Day is celebrated every year on February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. On this day, the treacherous former was sent away with a slap.

Kick Day: Kick Day is the second day of the Anti-Valentine’s week. This day is celebrated on 16 February. Today is the day to leave all bad feelings and negative attitudes from the mind. This is the day to kick away everything.

Perfume Day: Perfume Day is celebrated on 17th February. Become your own best friend today. Make a promise on this date to take care of yourself.

Flirting Day: On this day, you can share your thoughts with the people you like. On February 18, you can flirt with a little courage.

Confession Day: If you find any behavior or habit of your loved one bad, you can tell him on this day. If you express the warmth of your heart on the occasion of February 19, your mind will also be lightened.

Missing Day: Missing Day is observed on February 20. Memories of loved ones are sometimes thought of. I remember him. This day is celebrated as such.

Break-up Day: The last day of AntiValentine’s Day is Breakup Day. This day is the day to get out of a bad relationship. February 21 is the day to break up with an unloved partner.

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