After The GTA Election, The Chief Minister Of North Bengal – Crowds Flock To Welcome The ‘House Girl’

After The GTA Election, The Chief Minister Of North Bengal: ‘The mountains are smiling.’ At the beginning of the Chief Minister’s visit to north Bengal, the picture of the road from Darjeeling to Karshiang says at least that. Slopes of people on both sides of the road.

After The GTA Election, The Chief Minister Of North Bengal - Crowds Flock To Welcome The ‘House Girl’

Holding a colorful flag. With the slogan, ‘Long live Mamata Banerjee.’ With this year’s GTA election, the mountains seem to have seen a new sunrise. And the name of the artist of that sunrise is Mamata Banerjee. The hill people had gathered on both sides of the road to see the girl of that house once.

After The GTA Election – The Chief Minister Of North Bengal

The Chief Minister left for North Bengal on a three-day visit on Monday. We landed at Bagdogra airport and crossed the hill in the front seat of a milk-white car. Crowds of people were on both sides of the road to welcome the ‘Sunrise Technology’. Her relatives are welcoming the girl of the house in a festive mood. The Chief Minister did not forget to show courtesy to them. Sometimes he waved to them and sometimes he greeted them.

As soon as he entered Karshiang, he met Anit Thapar. He got into the Chief Minister’s car to discuss the future of the hill. The car left for the destination. The former chairman of the GTA said, “The GTA has been elected after a long time in the mountains. People want to thank Didi. They are happy with the initiative of the Chief Minister. ” So no matter how much the opposition condemns, the mountains are smiling. At least after getting close to the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister has been trying to restore peace in North Bengal since he sat in the masnad of Bengal in 2011. He has repeatedly fled to North Bengal. Earlier, the chief ministers used to go on mountain trips to spend their holidays and enjoy the winter. But Mamata Banerjee rushed to find the problems of the hill people. To bring out the solution formula. And the result of that continuous effort was warm.

A decade later is the GTA election. Mittal peacefully. Leaving the demand for a separate state, the hill people now want to join the tide of development. To that end, the GTA representatives will be sworn in tomorrow, July 12. The state’s administrative head, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, will be there as their guardian.

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