After the earthquake, the power of the cyclone! This country is crying out for food and shelter

auckland: A state of emergency has been declared in New Zealand due to Cyclone Gabriel. Due to the cyclone, landslides have occurred along with the flooding situation across the country. The New Zealand government declared a national emergency on Tuesday after the powerful storm hit the country’s North Island. Thousands of homes are without power due to heavy rains and strong winds.

Landslides and heavy rains have disrupted public life. Which is why Emergency Management Minister Kieron McNulty signed the declaration.McNulty said the storm was having a major impact across much of the North Island. Floodwaters and landslides have isolated several settlements across the country, including Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.

“This is a major disaster for New Zealand life,” McNulty said. He said more rain on Tuesday windy There is a possibility, due to which emergency services will be disrupted. New Zealand is now in the worst phase of the storm.

New Zealand has declared a state of emergency for the third time. Earlier, states of emergency were also declared following the Christchurch terror attack in 2019 and the Covid pandemic in 2020. Air services were suspended in New Zealand on Monday due to bad weather. Some services are expected to resume by Tuesday afternoon.

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Cyclone Because of this, the condition of many areas is very bad. Residents had to move to local shelter camps. News agency AFP reported that roads were damaged due to flooding in many areas due to the cyclone. Relief and rescue operations have been carried out across the country.

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