After Alaska, Northern Canada, US jet destroys suspicious aircraft again

After Alaska (Alaska) this time Northern Canada (Northern Canada). The Canadian Air Force destroyed the unidentified unmanned Udukku vehicle (Unidentified Flying Object) by sending a fighter jet. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canadian PM Justin Trudeau) tweeted about destroying the UFO on Saturday. In addition, the White House, the US administration headquarters, also announced the destruction of the UFO. Incidentally, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau decided to destroy the suspicious aircraft after speaking on the phone with US President Joe Biden.

In a tweet after the UFO was destroyed, Trudeau wrote, “Canadian and US military plan to destroy object together. A US F-22 Raptor fighter jet later successfully fired at the object.” The wreckage of the suspected aircraft will be recovered by Canadian forces. The Prime Minister of Canada also said that an attempt will be made to understand what kind of object it was.

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