After 500 years, Lord Ram is returning to the throne of Ayodhya! Big announcement of Yogi Adityanath in Tripura. up cm yogi adityanath says that after 500 years lord ram will adorn the throne of ayodhya

G is a 24 hour digital bureau: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that after 500 years Lord Ram will grace the throne of Ram temple in Ayodhya. However CPI-M and Congress do not believe in the existence of Lord Rama or Krishna. Addressing an election rally in West Tripura’s Majlishpur on Wednesday, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister added that the Ram temple would be built within a year and Lord Ram would give his blessings to all of us after taking his throne.

Adityanath said, ‘Congress and CPI-M believe only in corruption and violence. Tripura was once infamous during Congress and CPIM rule’. He further said that after the BJP-led government came to power (in 2018), peace and good governance have come to the state.

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He claimed that the benefits of development and welfare did not reach the people during the rule of Congress and CPI-M. He said Tripura has now become one of the most developed states in the country. He said that the double engine government has given many things from connectivity to the welfare of people.

He said, ‘People have voted for BJP, and the BJP government has given people a huge developmental gift. In an effort to empower women, the Tripura government has introduced 33 percent reservation for women in government jobs. Be it housing schemes or farmers’ welfare schemes to health schemes, the Modi government has given everything to the common man and the poor’.

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Adityanath also alleged that the Congress and CPI-M are trying to derail the development mission of the dual engine government and their only aim is to hold back the people to reap royalties. The Chief Minister said that corruption was at its peak when the Congress ruled the country.

He said, ‘The country has witnessed the Congress coal scam, 2G scam, defense equipment procurement scam and Commonwealth Games scam. Corruption and Congress have become synonymous’.

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