A whole family is over! The youth is looking for 30 relatives with concrete piles in both hands

Syria: On Monday, somehow survived the earthquake. But, now living is becoming meaningless to him. That nightmare night took away 10 dear people from him. Now Ibrahim is removing the concrete rubble with both hands and rescuing the bodies of relatives one by one. As time goes on, the remaining 20 are running out of hope for survival.

Malik Ibrahim Age 40. The bus is in the Syrian city of Idlib. On that day, Ibrahim left the house with his wife, son and daughter as soon as he heard about the earthquake. He breathed a sigh of relief and thought, let the life be saved. But, that moment of relief ended in an instant.

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Ibrahim’s country or village home is in the village of Besnaya near the Turkish border. After the earthquake, Ibrahim tried to contact the relatives who were there. But, no answer comes. The mercury of apprehension began to rise gradually. Unable to bear it, he finally appeared in the village. When he arrived, he saw that his house, which he had known since childhood, had been reduced to dust by an earthquake of a few seconds.

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Ibrahim started moving the pile of concrete with two hands like a madman. Seeing his condition, the others also put their hands. Within two days, the frozen bodies of 10 people came out one by one. A whole family is complete. Ibrahim is still searching for his parents, uncles and nieces in the ruins. If anyone is alive somewhere…

At least 19,000 people have died in Turkey and Syria in a terrible earthquake last Monday. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8 on the Richter scale.

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