A molecule from the flowers of two jungle plants can prevent the corona virus, claims new research

Almost three years have passed since the outbreak of the corona virus. Many ideas about Corona are now clear to scientists. But much remains to be known about its antidote. Scientists are running after answers to many questions like which vaccine can prevent corona virus, which medicine will work the most. Its biggest reason is that Corona is constantly changing its form. Therefore, experts believe that there may be changes in the field of prevention or vaccination in the coming days. In the meantime, a study has revealed new information. Two special forest plant flower molecules can block corona. The substance in this molecule can work very well against any form of corona. Such has been claimed in the study.

Recently, a study was conducted by Emory University on various components of different flowers. It was then that the researchers noticed that there are special elements in the flower molecules of two jungle plants named ‘Tall Goldenrod’ and ‘Eagle Fern’. This ingredient is working very well against covid-19. And from this, the scientists estimate, in the future, this material can be used to make an anti-corona vaccine.

Cassandra Quave, a member of the research team and spokeswoman, said, ‘Corona vaccine can be made using the ingredients of these two plants in the coming days. For that, this material needs to be collected. And keep it in the laboratory to make similar material.’

But in addition to this, the researchers also warned about another issue. According to them, this element is very low in both plants. Hence collecting it is very laborious work. Secondly, if a common man thinks that corona will be cured by eating or otherwise using this ingredient or any particular part of the plant – then they are wrong. Rather, it can cause other types of dangers.

For now, scientists have said that they will conduct research on this material. As it can work against any type of covid, using it can be very beneficial in controlling corona.

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