70 years from Bengal to the North Pole expedition, the itinerary has novel ideas

Straight from Bengal to the north pole of the world. West Bengal North Pole is a favorite destination for adventure loving Bengalis. A resident of Naihati is about to start a journey from Naihati. 70-year-old Karunaprasad Mitra will start his journey from Kolkata to the North Pole in the next two days. Although he seems old in age, he is not at all in spirit. Karunaprasad decided to go to Oslo first from Kolkata. Then from there will pass to the destination of the North Pole. Not only him, mountaineer Satyarup Siddhant is also going to the same destination in April.

Karunaprasad Mitra was once an employee of Naihati Municipality by profession. However, the hobby of mountain climbing has been around for a long time. He has the experience of climbing not only the Himalayas, but also the Caucasus mountains. Adventures include Mount Elbrus and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Also, Karunaprasad, secretary of the West Bengal Mountaineering Association. On this day, one of his friends, Jayant Biswas, told the media that the brave veteran of Naihati is traveling to the North Pole on a ship from Oslo in the next two days. Jayantbabu spoke to him in the morning. That’s when he came to know about it. According to him, the weather there was also quite beautiful. At the same time, Jayantbabu said, Karunaprasad is starting the journey like an ice breaking ship. A total of 10 days journey towards the North Pole will continue by sea.

In April this year, another Bengali Satyarupa Siddhant is crossing to the same destination. However, he chose another route to reach the 90 degree axis of the North Pole. He will cover the distance of 100 km by skating. On this day, Satyarup told the media that he will first go to Longyearbyen in Norway. This area is the northernmost city in the world. From there he will reach Bernio Ice Camp under Sweden. Russia currently controls this area on the Arctic Ocean. From there you will leave for the North Pole. Usually, scientists traverse the 90 degree axis with the help of a helicopter. But he will reach his destination by skating. He will reach the North Pole by skating a long route of 111 km.

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