5 Thousand Daily Deaths In China, Infected 1 Million! Fear Of Foreign Companies

5 Thousand Daily Deaths In China: China Covid Updates Severe Covid situation in China. The daily number of infected is 1 million. Deaths are increasing by leaps and bounds, claims the British research organization. A sensational report of corona infection in China came to light. It is reported that more than 1 million people are infected with corona every day. More than 5 thousand people die daily. The report was published by London-based research firm Airfinity Ltd.

5 Thousand Daily Deaths In China

5 Thousand Daily Deaths In China

The organization’s report expressed fears that the situation in the country of 1.4 billion people could become more complicated in the coming days. According to the agency, the number of infected could rise to 3.7 million in January. The organization has also claimed that the number will reach 4.2 million in the coming month of March. Meanwhile, after two days, the Chinese government again made a statement about the Covid statistics. In the last 24 hours, 2 thousand 966 people have been infected with Covid, the government has claimed.

It is reported that 10 people have died since the first day of December. Incidentally, the last statement was given by the government on Tuesday.

China Covid Situation: To deal with the Corona situation, Xi Jinping decided to distribute free medicine

Doubts have already been created about this statement of the Chinese government. In the last few days, several pictures of China have gone viral on social media. The videos show the horrors of patients in Chinese hospitals. Along with that, the deadline was also seen. Earlier, the zero covid policy was temporarily withdrawn this month due to protests Xi Jinping government. After that, the covid infection started to increase slowly. Currently, the infection has taken a terrible shape.

Experts have predicted that more than 60 percent of people in China may be newly infected with Covid in the next three months. Along with that, the number of dead will not only increase, they fear that this number may exceed 1 million.

China Covid Outbreak: In the next 3 months, 60 percent of people in China will be affected by corona, according to experts

Omicron BF-7 Due to the strain, the infection is increasing again. Experts say that the Chinese people’s body has not developed the immunity to fight against it. No proper vaccination. Experts have claimed, three-three this winter do not-The wave may crash into Xi Jinping’s country. In such a situation, a decision has been taken to distribute free medicines to prevent fever in the covid-affected cities of the country. It is reported that a special clinic is being opened for the supply of medicines.

China’s official media claims that the local administration has taken necessary measures to deal with the shortage of medicine. It has also been reported that drug sales centers are being kept open over time.

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