New 36 Alien Civilizations Scientists Identify – Where Aliens Always Observe Earth

Alien Civilizations: Are we alone in this universe? Is there no other intelligent creature in the universe? Should we look for aliens in the universe? Is there no fear?

36 Alien Civilizations Scientists Identify - Where Aliens Always Observe Earth

Yes, there are terrible fears. That’s what world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawkings thinks.

Alien Civilization

Physicist Stephen Hawking says there should be no sign of mankind on the planet Vine. Because if they are better animals than we are, they can destroy us like germs. Just as Christopher Columbus discovered America and indiscriminately killed the indigenous peoples there, so mighty alien creatures could take over the earth and destroy us. But people want to know if he is alone. Simple answers and unscientific solutions to this puzzle have been around for centuries on the screens of science fiction and cinema.

Alien Definition

In the science fiction movie, we saw aliens descend from alien spaceships into the lonely wilderness of the earth. Their bodies are like human beings, they have huge heads, small arms at the bottom, hands, and feet with narrow leaks, they are very intelligent. And in terms of technology, they are a few light years ahead of us. People around the world saw the 1979 Hollywood movie Alien and named it Alien.

alien definition

Over the last 100 years, the curiosity of the people of the world about these fictional aliens has reached its climax. One out of every five people in the world today believes in the existence of these aliens. However, the international science journal The Astrophysical Journal recently reported that there are at least 36 alien civilizations in our galaxy. It has been claimed that aliens are quite intelligent. And to get the symbolic response from those aliens we sent, human civilization would have to survive another 6,120 years.

Aliens Could Observe Earth

We have seen that human civilization has been searching for aliens since the sixties of the last century. But this is the first time any research has calculated that there may be at least 36 alien civilizations within our reach of this universe.

New Alien Civilizations

The aliens with whom we may be able to communicate with suffering may also communicate with us. If the process of the birth and development of intelligent animals agrees with science, then if we follow the rules of science we know, then aliens are thought to have many more civilizations, and the appearance of RC aliens is not to frighten us.

New Alien Civilizations

Because if we follow the evolution of animals on earth, they may have to look a little like us. As researchers and if all these rules are followed, only the Milky Way galaxy can have 4 to 211 civilizations. Those with whom we can communicate can. Although very low, this number is 36.

Again, the question is how close the nearest civilization is, as mentioned in the journal. Such an advanced civilization of intelligent aliens is at least 17,000 light-years away from us. In other words, if we have such a spacecraft at the jetty, we can run at the speed of light at a speed of about 3 million kilometers per second, then it will take us only 1 second less time. And it will take 17,000 years to get to the nearest planet Vine.

Aliens Could Observe Earth

But on what basis have scientists provided such information? Scientists speculate that intelligent life originated on our planet just as other planets did. Just as it took about 500 billion years for intelligent life to form on Earth, so did other planets.

It has also been calculated that a technological civilization like ours on earth lasts at least 100 years. After all, it took 4.5 billion years for evolution before the technological rise of the earth, and then the ability to communicate was seen. This is exactly what can happen to other civilizations. The communication system is considered one of the criteria of advanced civilization.

According to scientists, the search for intelligent civilization is very important because it is possible to know how life is created by life, as well as to give an indication of how long this civilization can survive. And if we do not have an active civilization in this galaxy, it is a very bad sign for the existence of our civilization.

Now let’s look at the cloudless sky. Let’s take a deep breath looking at the distant stars, let’s ask the aliens how are you? Let’s send this question as a signal. Now guess how long it will take to get the answer to this question. Scientists say that for two-way communication to be successful, humans would have to live another 6,120 years.


What is the new planet discovered in 2021?

TOI-1601 b, OGLE-2019-BLG-0960Lb, HD 110113 b, HD 110113 c.

What are the 14 planets?

Mercury and the Moon, Venus, Mondas, Earth, Mars, Asteris, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon, and Planet 14.

How far is toi 700 D from Earth?

101.4 light-years

How old is Moon?

4.53 billion years.

Is Mars Hot or cold?

Mars is very cold.

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