32 marriages, 19 children, lonely and lonely death at the last age of this record holder

He was married 32 times, not once. Next to Glyn Wolff’s name is the brilliant ‘The World’s Most Married Man’ or the identity of the most married man in the world. He has created a world record for one-way relationships by marrying 29 young women a total of 31 times. There is a lot of talk about him on social media.

Glyn lived to be 89 years old. He himself is extraordinary. He did not marry ordinary girls. Among his wives were farmers’ daughters on one hand, thieves and drug addicts on the other. He was married to several people for several years. Some marriages lasted a few months. A few marriages took place only a few days ago. Despite that, media reports say he loved each wife equally in his own way.

Despite being married 32 times in this life, he died in 1997 completely penniless and lonely. No one was present to take his body to the nursing home. Finally one of his 19 children, 33-year-old John Wolfe, agreed to perform the funeral.

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The polygamous Glynn was born in 1908. He married first in 1926. His longest marriage lasted 11 years. The shortest marriage lasted only 19 days. After divorcing 3 people, he married them again. Married for 11 years with wife number 28 Christine Camacho. He even expressed his desire to marry Princess Diana.

Nursing home staff said loneliness and isolation plagued Glyn on her last bed. He could not accept this situation at all. He even suffered from panic attacks at times.

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