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Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein: The word genius reminds us of Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist in the world. The human race is considered to be the most intelligent people in the world. Even the 14th of March is celebrated as his birthday Genius Day. In this article, you will learn 32 things about Albert Einstein that will really surprise you.

Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

32 Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

1. Sir Isaac Newton was born the same year that the great scientist Galileo died, and Albert Einstein was born the same year that the great scientist James Maxwell died.

2. The picture you see of Einstein was auctioned a few years ago and sold for Rs. This picture also has his signature.

Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein

The fingerprint was taken at the university on March 14, 1971, his 72nd birthday, this time the funny thing is that when the photographer asked him to smile, he gave such an expression and the main reason is that he was bored of laughing many times for many photographers that day.

Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein

3. He uttered some words during his last breath which were in German. Now unfortunately the person who was with him at that time did not know German because they are still hidden in mystery.

4. Many young people often came to Einstein. They always asked him the secret of his SUCCESS. Now a young man comes to him and says to him, Sir, people all over the world don’t stop praising you today, please tell me what is the key to being great like you? You know what you said in the answer, just try one word.

5. Despite being a genius, this great scientist had very little memory. He often forgot his name, date, number, and telephone number. He couldn’t even remember his phone number. This time a colleague asked for his phone number. Then he started looking for his number in the telephone directory next to him. She is surprised and asks him, “Did you remember your telephone number?” In reply, Einstein said why should I remember anything that I will find in the book.

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6. One more story unfolds above his memory. Once on the train to Princeton University. The train ticket checker came to Einstein while punching the tickets of all the passengers and asked him to show the tickets. Then he started looking inside his pocket, when he couldn’t find a ticket in his suitcase, he started looking around the seat.

This time the ticket checker knew Einstein very well, he said there is no problem if you lost your ticket, I believe you must have bought the ticket and did not say go to check the ticket of another passenger. After a while, he saw that Einstein was looking for a ticket at the bottom of his seat when he approached again and said there was no need to worry so much that the ticket would not go from him. This time he heard the ticket checker say that he is all right but without a ticket how can he understand where I am going?

7. EINSTEIN’S GENERAL AND SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY. But few people know that he was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for the Theory of Relativity, not because of the photoelectric effect.

8. Einstein’s theory was strong enough that at that time there were very few people who could understand his theory. Once someone asked Einstein’s wife, “Do you understand your husband’s theories?” Nor did she conceive. But I understand my husband very well and believe him with my eyes closed.

9. Albert Einstein did not like to cut his hair at all, he always fixed his hair by hand. And now this style of his has been called genius style.

10. Despite being such a great scientist he couldn’t drive a car he loved the sea a little more but he couldn’t swim.

11. Albert Einstein did not like to wear socks. He once went on to reminisce about his childhood, saying that the fun of childhood would be shattered too quickly because of the big toes, which made him very sad. That’s why I gave up wearing socks forever to be a little bigger. Sir Einstein did not like to wear nice clothes. Whether it was in front of a familiar person or in front of a stranger, he didn’t like it. He preferred to wear old clothes instead of new ones.

12. Albert Einstein was thought to be a goofy boy as a child. A teacher at his school told him that there was nothing he could do. The boy later wrote the best theory in the world.

Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein

13. As I said, Einstein was considered a goblin boy as a child, so one of his math teachers called him a lazy dog. Although he was not very good at studying, mathematics was his favorite subject.

14. His head was much bigger when he was born. That’s why the doctors called him mentally handicapped. He started studying after the age of seven, he always went to school after gossiping as a child.

15. He couldn’t say anything until he was four years old. Once, while eating, he uttered the first sentence in his life with his parents, “Soup is too hot.”

16. Einstein’s interest in science came when he was five years old when his father bought him the first compass. He would be surprised to see that there is a force that keeps the middle point in one place all the time and cuts the stain correctly every time. And since then his interest in science has been growing.

17. In 1999, Einstein was named the Person of the Century, the greatest scientist of the twenties.

18. In 1952, Einstein was invited to become President of Israel, but he turned down the request, saying that he did not understand politics and that you could not do what you did not understand.

19. Who is your favorite scientist? Maybe Einstein is your favorite scientist. But did you know that Einstein’s favorite scientist is Galileo.

20. He had a special love for animals. He also had a cat that always sat on a rainy day with a sad heart. Einstein used to say, “I know how much trouble you have on a rainy day, but what can I do? I can’t stop it.”

21. Albert Einstein loved to smoke cigarettes. You must have seen him with Singer in many of his films. Once he went somewhere in the water and fell into the water and when he was picked up he got completely wet but surprisingly he still took great care of his cigarettes.

22. Albert Einstein did not invent the atomic bomb, but you will be surprised that the formulas worked like a blessing to make it, then he regretted knowing that the whole human civilization could be destroyed using the formulas.

23. Einstein was very afraid of war and thought it was very terrible. He was once asked what kind of weapons would be used if there was a third world war. He replied that it is not possible to say but it can be said that we will fight the fourth world war with stones. Somewhere along the way, World War III escalated into a nightmare that could take people far back in time.

Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein

24. When people asked Einstein about his application, he would point to his head. When a scientist asks him about his most important equipment, he shows him his fountain pen, showing him that his brain had a laboratory and that fountain pens are important.

25. He was not a little careless towards comfort to work with full focus. That’s why a full 10 hours of sleep was important to him.

26. Did you know that Albert Einstein would pay 5 5 for his autograph and 000 5000 for his speech? This time he would donate all these things to charity.

27. Invites Albert Einstein to the California Institute of Technology. Einstein arrives there with his wife. He sees the Wilson Space Research Center there. That research center had the most advanced telescope at the time. This time Einstein’s wife saw such a big telescope and asked the head of the laboratory center, “What do you see with such a big telescope?” This time the main guy may have a little less knowledge of astronomy, so he said that by this we try to understand the mysteries of the universe. My husband is very surprised to hear that Einstein’s wife put this on the back of a piece of paper.

28. One day when Einstein was a professor, a student came to him and told him that this year’s exam had the same question as the previous year. This time Einstein answered but this year the answers have changed.

29. Albert Einstein in a letter where spoke about God and religion. The letter was sold for 20 crores 38 lakh rupees. This time he wrote the letter a year before his death. This two-page letter was written on January 3, 1954, to Eric Gutkind, a German philosopher. Ginny sent her own new book, Choose Life, The Biblical Call to Revolt. Einstein wrote this letter in light of this book. He said that for me God is nothing but a man-made word mother, the Bible is adorable but it is just a collection of ancient stories. He further writes that no matter how mysterious the explanation may be, his judgment on the matter will never change.

30. After Einstein’s death, Dr. Thomas Harbe took Einstein’s brain out for research without the permission of his family. And for this, he was fired. He then said that he did this work only for research and he also said that Einstein’s brain needs to be extensively recharged. His brain was kept in a jar for twenty years. There was also research on it. Hey, it’s known that he had more cells in his brain than any other human. And that’s why you could think so wonderfully.

31. Albert Einstein could have lived a little longer if he had wanted to. Toward the end of his life, when he was ill, the doctor wanted to operate on him, but Einstein did not agree.

32. At Sorbonne University in 1930, Einstein said that if my theory proved correct, the Germans would consider me an ideal German citizen and the French would give me respect for world citizenship, but if the proof was wrong, the French would call me German and the Germans would call me Jew.


What was Albert Einstein’s IQ?

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist and philosopher of science whose estimated IQ scores range from 205 to 225 by different measures. He is best known for his mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc2 which has been called the world’s most famous equation.

Was Einstein a mute?

Einstein, a certified genius, was also a late talker (according to some biographers).

Where are Einstein’s eyes?

He gave the eyes to Einstein’s eye doctor, Henry Abrams. They are kept in a safety deposit box in New York City to this day.

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